Spigot WorldEdit Structure Selector 1.1.0

Auto selects any structures as a WorldEdit cuboid selection.

  1. Is this a Bungeecord/Proxy plugin? Becouse i found this at the Bungeecord/proxy section.
  2. Nop, sorry my mistake.
    This is a Bukkit plugin.
    I update the description.

  3. Can anybody confirm this works in 1.12.2?
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  4. We use this so much on the creative build server, we're looking forward to hearing if this plugin will have 1.13.x support once WE/WG are updated ??
  5. Working on it, however WorldEdit 7 will be required
  6. Hello. Great concept! I tested this with PaperSPigot 1.12.2 and WorldEdit and it workds good. Only with the exclude command I have problems.

    Currently the plugin stop the selection if one(!) air block is beetween the rest world. Do you think you would like add a option define more blocks with a command or a config definition? And a second idea: a additional function for the right-click of the axt: with right-click you add the selection to the selection before.

    I think it would be really great and more helpfully. :)

    ~ RedstoneFuture | Robert