WorldEdit without CuboidClipboard?

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  1. Been working on this for a while now (2 years) and having a little troubles.
    Here is the code if anyone wants to take a look.

    The end idea is to be able to copy and paste without the need for a player. Possible applications are minigames which require selections to be manufactured on the fly, then copied and pasted into the game. In such circumstances its not exactly ideal to have an admin running around selecting things. Another possibility is to detect a nearby player and steal their clipboard for the operation, however this has inherit security flaws.

    The code for copying worked but the clipboard was blank for pasting as I discovered by saving the clipboard to a schematic file and pasting it manually into the world. Which means either im copying the wrong thing or storing it wrong. Since then I changed the parameters and now at the time of this post im getting a NullPointerException.

    The code is continually being worked on and will be available to anyone who needs to use it. If you'd like to have a crack at the code or make a suggestion, please feel free to do so.

    Note: This code is also likely obsolete in WorldEdit 7
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  2. Thanks Frixo. I had a quick browse, all good stuff there.

    I'm pleased to announce the code for copy paste is also now working.
  3. No problem :) if you want my skype : matthieu.frixo :)