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  1. Help! On my Prison server ( the plugin WorldEdit does not work. It doesn't give an error in chat, but in console <3. Prison servers (or at least mine), depend on WorldEdit to create mines and stuff.

    HERE YA GO NERDS: (Contains full log with error and cause)

    Spigot Version: 1.8.8

    WorldEdit Version: 6.1 -

    Java Version: 7

    If I type: /we (worldedit command)

    Response: (nothing, actually not even a blank message)
    Console's Response: (FULL ERROR!)
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  2. It looks like there's something outdated, maybe try updating your server version and the WorldEdit jar you have. If that won't work maybe even check if your servers Java version is up to date. Hope that helps.
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  3. I
    My prison server is Java 7 and have the latest version of WorldEdit (6.1).
  4. What version is your server?
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  5. as @Fisell said, what version is your server? This could be the reason you're getting this error.
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  6. Try the newest spigot...
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  7. use the 1.8 version of worldedit
  8. @Fisell I can't use the newest version of spigot.. I have to stay on 1.8.8, I am not redoing for 1.9
  9. @Maplesauce Thanks, but I already use 6.1 (1.6.2 - 1.8.8 read first message)
  10. If anyone wants to know how i fixed , contact me on my server (