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  1. I was wondering if it's possible to select a certain block within a WorldEdit selection. Some people have told me it's possible, but they are not sure what the command is.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, how you want to use this ? //replace ? or something like thats ?
  3. I want to select the certain blocks so I can have the regenerate as one big "prison mine" using the plugin PrisonMines. I have a 500x500 warzone that I want players to be able to mine the emerald blocks and have the regenerate.
  4. So it's not worldedit ? o_O
  5. It is WorldEdit. I need certain blocks selected.
  6. foncused

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    @Rooz seems correct to suggest using //replace, which can be used as a filter.
  7. Can you add on to that?
  8. By that I mean expand on what you mean.
  9. foncused

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  10. That's not what I need. I'm looking to see if it's possible to select a certain block inside of a whole region so they can be the only ones I can mine. If I'm misunderstanding you, just let me know.
  11. Yes the //replace is good for this, you just select the block as you want and you do something with this block?
  12. foncused

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    I am not sure specific blocks can be protected within regions in WorldEdit or WorldGuard alone - as far as I know, a custom plugin would be needed (hooking into the API and using BlockBreakEvent). I did find this however:
  13. It looks good, I'll try it out and let you know. Thanks!
  14. Unfortunately it did not work. Any other ideas?
  15. I'm not looking to replace the block. I'm looking to select a certain block. What foncused showed above is an example of what I need.
  16. I'll look into this tonight and try to put something together for you, if you'd like.
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  17. WorldGuard has a file called blacklist.txt that allows you to control how blocks and items are interacted with, and protect or allow specific blocks if you want
  18. foncused

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    This is true, but can they be region-specific? I think OP wants to be able to allow (disallow) blocks based on region.
  19. blacklist.txt works only per world

    but also world edit have an option for custom selections, i dont know too much about it, but is with the command //sel
  20. Have you tried clicking with the axe on the block with both left and right mousbutton?
    If that is what you mean by "selecting 1 block"

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