Spigot WorldEditSelectionVisualizer [1.7.10-1.17] 2.1.0

Visualize your WorldEdit selection with particles and without any mod.

  1. did not know players could turn it off visualizer for themselves
  2. Could you add visuals for chunks? Like see the edges of chunks? That would be cool :D
  3. already built into minecraft hold f3 and press G
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  4. Oh lol thanks for telling me :)
  5. Hi!
    I found error
    When selection is greater then 10000 blocks, plugin displays:


    Replace please comma with dot after word "lang"

    PS. and optional, please, insert one space before word "blocks" in default config.yml
    blocks: "blocks"
    #68 bottomdumber, Aug 24, 2017
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  6. Thanks for reporting this :) TravisCI is having some problems with their infrastructure, so I'm trying to sort things out with them before builds can resume. I have this fixed in code but I'm not behind a dev machine now, so can't update until TravisCI resolves this. Will keep you posted ;-)
  7. OK, seems like TravisCI works again. Would you be able to try the latest build and see if that works for you, please? I don't have access to MC at the moment and since you already know how to replicate the bug, it'd be easier if you could try on your side :) If not, I'll try and update WESV whenever I find a little time to do so.

  8. Why is there a 10000 block limitation? Can't you just render the particles near the player so you can see where the corners and edges of large selections are
  9. To be honest, you'd be better off asking the original author, as I'm just a maintainer of this plugin. But I would think there's a lot of fine-tuning the number of particles displayed due to server/client lags and maybe rojet601 didn't care for over-optimizing or was just plain lazy here :p
  10. Great plugin!

    Good it be possible that in the future you add Feudal claims support?

  11. Hi, I'm only maintaining this plugin myself, not really adding any notable features to it. If you need support for multiple plugins, you'd be better of buying this one instead: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/selection-visualizer.22631/
  12. Polygon selections are not shown for some reason!! :(
  13. Hi, this is the first instance of someone reporting this. Which WESV version and which Spigot version are you using?
  14. Its working now :)
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  15. maybe if you could share what was the problem, it could help others with the same issue in the future ;)