Worldgaurd demands allot of performance from my server

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  1. Hello,

    I'm running a 150 man server and lately I got some tps problems. Nolagg and timings both show me that Worldguard is running overdrive. I got a shit load of plugins installed however it never was such a big problems. Main thing is i only use Worldgaurd for 8 regions and some small settings. I just don't understand why it's running so heavy it always did tho. Here are some timings and nolagg examine's


    Nolagg Examine:

    Plugin list:

    Why does worldgaurd run so heavy I just don't understand. Got this dedicated server btw:

    Also does minecraft use one core? My cpu is only at 18% with 150 man and tps lag.

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  2. Can you do a /timings paste and link us to the link?

    Also, minecraft does use one thread for the most part, things such as chunk loading and chat and some other things are multithreaded.
  3. I got a timings posted what do you mean with
  4. PhanaticD


    you can turn off player movement events in the worldguard config and see a huge increase in performance, but you wont get features such as "Welcome to this area!" when you walk into a region. basically any of the features that involve detecting where you are currently walking wont work, but you will get a big performance increase, so in your case of 150 players it most likely is worth it
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    I found worldguard too hefty, i personally would advise you to take it out.
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  6. Ye gonna look for other plugin to replace worldgaurds regions, tried the player movent events will post timings in 30 mins.


    tps 7 :/ never had this before so badly.
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  7. If you ask me, you have WAY to many plugins to be supporting 250 players lag free. Thin out the plugins you don't need.
  8. I'm an amature looking at the timings, but I can't see any Worldguard lag in that Timings report.
    It looks to be like the major players are; too many entities and possibly Citizens

    I would look into trying a /butcher or /killall or /lagg to remove most entities as that will probably solve the problem.

    But as I said, I'm not experienced enough reading the Timings, so maybe wait for someone elses opinion.
  9. 150 ^^

    EDIT: Updated spigot which seems to help also the disable user movement helped allot! Will post more info tommorow when server is full aigan.
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  10. Glad to see that helped!

    (First one said 250. xD)
  11. Still got lots if Entity (mobs / animals)
    Get rid of some of them
  12. It appeared my worldborder didn't work anymore.