Spigot WorldGeneratorApi 1.1.4

Advanced but easy to use API to customize your terrain

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    WorldGeneratorApi - Advanced but easy to use API to customize your terrain

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  2. This API works great, excellent work! I have made a few different types of custom biome worlds so far, two ringed versions, and a few test grids. You are a coding hero!
  3. Hey,
    if your interested into more worldgeneration stuff, i can help you a lot (i know how to add custom biomes (with mobs, structures...))
    and also DimensionTypes(where you can set fast lava, bedworking, anchor working and more)
    + custom strucutes / replacing existing structures


    Just let me know if your interested. Discord: FreeSoccerHDX#8292
  4. I can't see the image. However, using Customized world and WorldGeneratorApi together should work fine, so this should already be possible. More integration between Customized worlds and WorldGeneratorApi would be nice, but I'm not currently planning to code that.