Worldguard 1.13 ZzZzz Where are you?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Kalinox, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. So I setup a nice 1.13 Spigot server, pretty neat. Has a bunch of plugins that are compatible. Atleast the basic ones that is. I noticed Towny worked as well so I launched a Towny 1.13 spigot server.

    World Edit works..
    EssentialsX does as well..

    Yet there's no 1.13 World Guard >_> Meaning if I opened up the server anyone could potentially just destroy whatever they want or kill any entities. Which in my opinion seems.. Useless to have a 1.13 public server...

    Unless I'm wrong? Is there a working 1.13 World Guard?
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  2. As far as I know, there is currently no working/compatible version of WorldGuard.
    Just wait a couple of days since it takes time to update large projects.
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  3. use GriefPrevention it's tested with 1.13

    but the real issue here is, 1.13 is unstable. so... you know, wait for it to get stable. once the Legacy API is worked out everything should work
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  4. andrewkm

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    Give it 2 weeks.
    Or you can always fork it and update yourself temporarily.
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  5. Switch to 1.12.2 and use ViaVersion
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  6. I tested the worldguard used by the spigot test server and it works without errors on console but I do not know if all features are not broken
  7. Problem is that version is only compatible with Worldedit 6.1.x. Worldedit is up to 7.0 now, because 6.1 doesn't work properly with 1.13. Lots of problems, like with glass panes not connecting and bark not registering. Brushes don't always work right either, and the damage isn't fixed with //undo.
  8. Download GriefPrevention :)
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  9. WorldGuard works fine for me (at least, when using it in my plugins) and WorldEdit sort of works if you use the spigot server jar version.
  10. Worldguard and Worldedit are both updated to version 7.0 now. These should fix all major issues with 6.1 in 1.13.
  11. viaverison is still having visual glitches
  12. I am sure once Spigot goes stable 1.13, and actually .. is here for 1.13.1, or whatever Mojang recently released while you read it.. that WE/WG will get another more stable update that's actually worth using in production server.
  13. World edit; Schematic loading and pasting errors out with their latest build, move doesnt work and jumpto doesnt work afaik on those.
    World Guard has this random error that appears for entity damage event. But afaik thats all im aware of at this time. otherwise they seem to work.

    best bet tbh is just be patient. theyll be updated soon enough. They want their releases stable for the next versions.