Solved Worldguard Assistance Please

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  1. Plugins: (Listing all plugins that use regions or have permissions/groups)
    Worldguard (6.2.2)
    Groupmanager (EssentialsXGroupManager-2.0.1)
    Essentials (EssentialsX

    1.12.2 - Paper Spigot Server

    We decided to just handle towns through regions instead of Towny or Factions and we have had this problem for awhile. We are unable to place/interact with: Clay Pots, Itemframes, Paintings. Also when I make a new region and add a member they are unable to build inside that region.

    My Region Setup:
    __Global__ - Priority 0
    Worldborder - Priority 1
    Surrounding Area of Mines - 2
    Mining Zones - 3
    Towns - 4 (May move them down to 2)

    I have been googling for days now and have yet to find a proper fix for this. So when you can't find the fix make a thread I suppose. My overall goal is to make sure members of regions can build inside the region and others can not. If anyone has ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I am new to doing this kind of server work but out of me and my co-owner I was more willing to do this than write all those threads with rules... -yikes- xD

    I have tried on my player rank didn't seem to do anything.

    My worldborder and Spawntown are set to Block-place allow, block-break allow, use allow, interact allow, passthrough allow. For the important flags that seem to focus on building/interacting.

    I just learned about the __global__ region so haven't done anything to that at all.

    Thank you again,

    PS if I need to add anything just ask :)
  2. make sure you gave permissions to members for that region
  3. I guess I should clarify that I only want the players I add to the region to have permissions in that region? Would I still need to add the region to all players to have it work?

    Ranks atm through GroupManager:

    Default (Not Used)
    Player (The Real Default) <-- Standard Player Rank
    Adventurer or Civilian (These two are sub ranks for certain Kits Access)
    Moderator - Staff
    DM - Staff (Bypasses all WG Regions)
    Admin - Staff (Bypasses all WG Regions)
    Owner - Staff (Bypasses all WG Regions)

    I suppose worse case I could just make each town a Subrank that has access to their region... only -shrugs- But was hoping to make sure I could get it to work just by adding members and requiring minimal staff involvement as possible. Thank you!
  4. When you add them to the region as a member I believe they also need a perm that goes along with it. If youre adding them manually just go to you perms manager and give them the perm. Not sure if this is true or not id have to look into it further
  5. I think this is more of a ID Problem like what was stated above check more into the Loading in of those Ids and experiment with them, I've had problems with it but I just upload my builds directly from the host world instead of messing around in-game with it