Solved WorldGuard + BuyRegion plugins

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  1. I currently have both the World Guard and BuyRegion plugin installed on my server. My world is protected, so players cannot build or break blocks within the main region of my Prison.

    I am using the BuyRegion plugin to allow users to rent cells within the main protected Prison area, however, I don't know how to make it so ONLY the region owners/members (the person who rents the cell) can build and break blocks within the region.

    I understand I am able to set inner region flags to override the main region flags via setpriority (value), however, by doing this I am allowing EVERYONE to build / break blocks in that region, when the only people I want to be able to do this is the region owner/members, which are automatically assigned (as members) when the user rents the region.

    Members are able to place blocks within the rented regions, however, they cannot place blocks.
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