WorldGuard - Cannot Place/Break Blocks

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  1. Hi, I cannot place blocks on my server - I'm the owner of the region along with 3 other people set as Members.

    I only have one region on the whole server, and I have construct: NONE, pvp: DENY, chest-access: DENY, pistons: DENY, tnt: DENY, sleep: DENY, mob-damage: DENY, mob-spawning: DENY, invincible: ALLOW, other-explosion: DENY, ghast-fireball:DENY, enderman-grief: DENY.

    If I'm OP on the server, I can build fine but when I am deoped and I cannot build at all even with build: ALLOW and passthrough: ALLOW.

    By the way, I am owner on the server - I have '*' on my permissions file for me and the other 3 people set as members.

    Plugins I have are:
    NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, NoSwear, Essentials, LogBlock, EssentialsChat, ClearLag, PermissionsEx, Modifyworld, Vault, EssentialsSpawn, KingKits, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, EssentialsProtect, Multiverse-Portals.

    Please help!

    EDIT: This problem was fixed by just starting the server again, just dragging the plugins folder, as I was not able to build in Non-WorldGuard protected worlds. Seems like a very weird problem.
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  2. Did you add "" in your permissions file. This might help.
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  3. Yep I did, nothing.
  4. Delete essentals anti build
  5. Even the most well known plugins that have been around forever can't seem to coexist :mad:
  6. I actually deleted it way before, but with it deleted I wasn't able to build, and it seems like it wasn't even a WorldGuard problem. With ALL plugins deleted, I STILL could not build - I just completely started the server over again, just moving the plugins folder. Now it's fixed ;)
  7. does this happen anywhere on the map? or just around the spawn? If just around the spam, just check the spawn protection radius...
  8. It was everywhere, and it turned out to be a server problem because I (and other people that had permissions) wasn't able to build in non-WorldGuard protected worlds.
  9. I, i know you haven't been on in over a year but i wanted to ask you, if there was a chance you'd read this, how did you fix this? one second everything was perfect, but then when i started messing around with world guard, i cant break or place blocks or do anything in some places in my regions, it is getting really annoying and if it is true that i just have to make it so the places are world guarded, thats going to kind of suck? but is it only places you build at? i am greatly appreciative if you respond and help me out, if anyone helps for that matter
  10. help my word has wordguard and worldedit but everywhere in the world i go i cant place/break blocks and when i allow it blocks placing/breaking i dident work. help me
  11. Do you have worldguard bypass permission?
  12. What plugins are you using?
    if essentials
    make sure permission is allowed on your essentials config file
    If you have worldguard
    try /rg bypass (permission : worldguard.region.toggle-bypass )