Worldguard error

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How to Fix

  1. Powerranks can do that

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  2. you may have wrong version of worldguard

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  1. Hey guys i have big problem my worldguard not working if i am deop and i am placing blocks it type to me: Hey! you dont have permission! but block is placed . Same is destroying blocks.
    I have 1.15.2. Spigot and in console arent any errors
    I am using : -AcceptTheRules
  2. That's where "Worldguard" gets it's name from. It's supposed to guard the world from unauthorized changes (Deopped players). What do you want to achieve?

    2. It's either I'm blind or you aren't using a permissions plugin. I'm quite sure PowerRanks is not a permissions plugin. Get a permissions plugin and grant yourself the permission nodes to bypass Worldguard.
  3. I am using Powerranks meybe 2 months and everythink works great and what other permission plugin should i try?
    PS thanks for reply
  4. I solved it! You were right it was Powerranks i downloaded LuckyPerms and worldguard is working perfectly