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  1. Hey,

    On my KitPvP server, I have my WorldGuard regions laid out like this. I set 'exit' to 'deny' in 'Arena' so players would be able to run away if they were getting attacked to spawn just to be safe.

    However, when a player dies in 'Arena', a second after they respawn at 'Spawn', they are teleported back into 'Arena'. I believe this is because I set 'exit' to 'deny'. Is there an alternative way of setting my world up so that players cannot go to 'Spawn' from 'Arena' without having this problem?


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  2. I believe there is a flag called teleport-exit or something like that, not sure since I have not used WorldGuard for a year or two
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  3. You could edit the building so they have to drop down to the arena instead of relying on worldguard. Their flags are not extensive.
  4. I'll try that, thanks.
  5. It doesn’t work because u need to use teleport-exit as @Marido said :)
    Also if u could put SOLVED if it has been SOLVED

    Thank you!
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  6. I cannot find a 'teleport-exit' flag. There is a 'teleport' one, but I believe that does something different.
  7. Yes teleport make it so u can’t teleport in the region but I will look more into this and see what I can do to help I am busy atm sorry :)
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