Spigot WorldGuard Extra Flags 4.1.4

Worldguard extanssion

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    WorldGuard Extra Flags - Worldguard extanssion

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  2. The teleport explanation is a bit confusing...
    If player reaches and region with this flag he is teleported to (the same) location where we added the flag? This makes no sense, can you please explain... ?
  3. xD Sorry, When player hit region that contains teleporter-location flag he will get teleported to location where the flag was added :p
  4. fergydanny


    Actually in worldguard when you use the : other-explosions flag.. It will block endercrystals block damage
  5. In WG 6, I'm not sure does it exits in WG 5 currently, when I created this plugin it didin't exit.
  6. fergydanny


    it does. I have used it many times
  7. What extra flag i would like to see is to have a command ran upon entering a region...

    Anyone know of a way to do that?
  8. And what this flag do?
  9. have a player run a command.. like summon a zombie.. give money... rank upgrade.. etc...
  10. ^^BUMP

    We could really use a way to have command auto run when a player enters a worldguard region!!
  11. Add gamemode within region, please.
    Fly within region.
  12. OH dangit. I just noticed your plugin requires WGregion events. It is so out of date that enderpearl deny doesn't work. If it wasnt out of date I would just be using WGregion commands to run commands in regions. Can you try updating WGregion events to fix the enderpearl bug?
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  13. Also run-commands doesn't seem to register as an option..
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  14. I tested ender pearls and it works fine?

    What you mean? You mean that flag? Works fine for me
  15. enderpearl set to deny seems overwritten by wgregion events plugin.. its been a known bug for some time... Even with it set to deny it still allows.
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  16. This is really strange. The player-enter-command works but not the server-enter-command. Is there a bug with it?
  17. isokissa3 updated WorldGuard Extra Flags with a new update entry:

    Re-write, WG version bumped to 6.1.3-SNAPSHOT

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  18. pls add a flag...


    Block all commands in this region
  19. Just set allowed-cmds to command that does not exit
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