Spigot WorldGuard Extra Flags 4.1.5

Worldguard extanssion

  1. Just a request idea:

    Disallow certain potion effects being applied in a region. I currently have Slimefun installed and this plugin offers a jump boost armor where the user gains a jump boots effect every 10 seconds which makes my jump & runs on my server kinda easy.
    A flag to prevent potion effects being applied to a player (not just from potions etc, also from plugins)
  2. Very good plugin works perfectly well thank you very much for your work .It would be nice I think you can put a cooldown to execute commands.
    And little problem for me it is not working with mycommand.
    Thank you for this very good work. ;)
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  3. Can you also add JumpPower and Title on joinregion?
  4. Can you add support for WG 6.1+ Not just 6.3 SNAPSHOT? I'd rather not use a snapshot of a plugin so important.
  5. Nah, too much hassle, WG 6.3 makes it easy and simple
  6. Can You add customizable JumpBoost?
  7. Hey,
    great plugin!

    It would be very useful, if you add an flag to Block WorldEdit Commands :)
  8. Use blocked-cmds flag
  9. Can you add a flag to disable lightnings?
  10. Why you don't block all light sources?
  11. This isn't that simple^^

    You could make a selection in the region, go outside and use commands.
    Or use a brush.
    The list is very long...

    A flag to disable alle these actions would be better :/
  12. This flags are very useful ! Thanks for publishing this
  13. No need to spam... I have seen your post, I'm making it when I feel like it
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  14. Plugin seems to be awesome - i'll try it later..
    Just one question for: "/region flag <region> keep-inventory true | Makes player keep their items on death" could you make it possiple that players keep their original inventory and only loose items found inside the region (like in the division darkzone)?