Spigot WorldGuard Extra Flags 4.1.5

Worldguard extanssion

  1. Doesn't even work for me in this way. I have tried everything.
  2. @isokissa3 Are you able to reproduce the problem with the fly/godmode flag metioned in earlier comments? Do you have any idea how to fix it? And do you have time to fix the problem in the next days or weeks? Pls give us a short statement.
  3. I haven't had time to figure it out. Its most likely issue on worldguard not triggering the leave method
  4. Hi, is anyone able to get play-sounds working?
  5. Are you sure that you did /rg flag <region> play-sounds <sound> <time> (e.g. /rg flag testregion play-sounds entity.wolf.howl 80 )?
    If not, please provide the command you used and any additional information to let us reproduce your problem.
  6. Hey!

    I used /region flag spawn play-sounds RECORD_STRAD 200

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  7. Hey!
    Can you please add an flag to prevent throwing splash-potions (or Eggs, Snowballs...) in regions? :)
  8. Any plans to update this to 1.11? I'd love to use it to make a PVP are where items can be dropped.
  9. Don't know about you but plugins works on 1.11 no issues for the moment
  10. Another idea, time based entry/leave-deny
    With a regex for date/time (Realtime)

    Deny People to enter a region between 13pm-17pm
    Deny People to enter a region between 01.12. - 31.12.

    Extension: Minecraft Time
    Deny People to enter a region between 1000-2000 Ticks
  11. @jewome62 Have you even tested your statement? At least most of the flags work well with the new flag api. So could you pls inform us about your testsystem and your error instead of spreading rumors? Just help the author to reproduce your problem.

    But @isokissa3 it would be amazing if you could keep up your work. Maybe you could take some time to fix the leave-method-trigger soon? Its still an annoying issue.
    In the last few month people also came up with some cool flag ideas.
    So do you plan to spend some time and work on your plugin? :D
  12. My plugin has been using the newest custom flag API since 2.0 from Jul 31th to this date, please test before you post...

    Yes, I will be more active with this now as WorldGaurd has included the newest custom flag API for 1.11 breaking mostly every plugin using them. I can't promise anything about the leave-method-trigger's as its WG's issue(?).

    EDIT: I was testing around and I can't reproduce this issue. If you are facing this issue please contact me.
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  13. Hello :) I'm using this with WorldGuard 6.2 on Minecraft 1.10.2 and the only flags that seem to work for me is keep-inventory.

    I'd like to use teleport-on-entry and play-sounds, but neither work. I use /region flag <region> teleport-on-entry here outside of the region and when I enter, it doesn't do anything. The same goes for play-sounds. I've copy and pasted your example from the plugin page for the play-sounds with my region inserted and that does not work. Any advice?
  14. Will you update this plugin to 1.11 server?
  15. This does work with 1.11 be sure you are running the required version of WorldGuard, its posted at the top of this plugins page
  16. But if I run the latest build of WG and WE for 1.11?