WorldGuard flags not working.

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  1. So recently I made a server and I was using the WorldGuard plugin to protect the spawn. It is a prison server so there are some parts of the spawn that you are supposed to PvP in. While I was protecting the spawn and trying to make some regions PvP enabled, I came across a flag that didnt seem to work. The flag was pvp allow. I have set higher priorities to those regions, I have looked at the file to make sure PvP was allowed. I have even set PvP to true in the essentials file but PvP still wont work in those regions. I have a good knowledge of plugins and I am experienced in server making. Meaning (No one has god mode, no one is in creative).

    Thank you in advanced!

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  2. try to install a newer version of worldguard. Maybee that would help.

    and if that does'nt work make shure to remove the overlapping regions and readd them
  3. But even if I remove them and add them back, I still cant PvP. I have the latest version of WorldGuard and no luck :( Thank you though
  4. Remove the worldguard plugin, and tell me if you still can't PVP.
  5. Okay you can control two things.
    1. If you disabled the pvp in server.propeties
    2. In the same config control the spawn protection. And set it to 0.
    The spawn protection it's like worldguard flags (build Place pvp) and it's default. The radius start where is setted the /spawnpoint of the world