worldguard issue setting up factions

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  1. 1st region is set to spawn aon the cords where i wand to have spawn set like no dmg etc
    2nd region is set to the back line but it overlaps 1st region so i made the 1st region priority higher than the 2nd region but stil even if i remove my 1st region you cant even though its set to build: allow
    I wand to set it up like in the picture

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  2. Simple.
    Remove any existing regions in the world.

    Do /rg flag _global_ build allow
    (then set any additional flags).

    Then, select the spawn area with your wand and do /rg d spawn
    Now, do /rg flag spawn pvp deny

    If you set a flag on _global_ now it will overwrite spawn. If you set the flag again on spawn, it will overwrite any _global_ flags.

    You may use
    /rg setpriority to avoid this (higher priority = flag that's used). Set spawn priority to 1 to avoid any overlapping flags.
    You can do this by doing
    /rg setpriority spawn 1

    Hope this helps! If you need any further explaining, you may refer to official wiki
  4. Two _ in front and behind "global" - __global__
  5. this is what came out of all the things you say i didnt setip anny flags for spawn atm but stil cant build after the selected area
    min: {x: -336, y: 0, z: -352}
    max: {x: -33, y: 255, z: -49}
    members: {}
    flags: {}
    owners: {}
    type: cuboid
    priority: 1
    members: {}
    flags: {build: allow, passthrough: allow}
    owners: {}
    type: global
    priority: 0
  6. Perfect. Now you can set any flags for either region and they won’t conflict.
  7. I dont realy get is i just set my region with flag build deny in it but i can stil build in that region
  8. Maybe you just have permissions to do it?
  9. damn i whas so stupid i whas in op testing stuf xD