Worldguard issue

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  1. i wand to make a safezone for factions and once they cros the safezone to wilderness they can build and mine
    i dont know what is wrong here

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  2. Do you potentially have a plugin blocking it? If it doesn't work reinstall worldguard and redo the flags, if still to no avail add me FoundYourFlow#4760 i'd be more than happy to help.
  3. this is what i setup

    min: {x: -336, y: 0, z: -49}
    max: {x: -33, y: 255, z: -352}
    members: {}
    flags: {feed-max-hunger: 20, build: deny, fall-damage: deny, use: allow, feed-amount: 9,
    feed-delay: 1, block-break: deny, interact: allow, pvp: deny, block-place: deny, weather-lock: clear, feed-min-hunger: 9}
    owners: {}
    type: cuboid
    priority: 1
    min: {x: -337, y: 0, z: -48}
    max: {x: -32, y: 255, z: -353}
    members: {}
    flags: {build: allow, block-place: allow, block-break: allow, pvp: allow}
    owners: {}
    type: cuboid
    priority: 2
  4. or is this to do with favtions plugin thats dooing this
  5. this should be posible i gues

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