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  1. Hello,
    I have a server OP Prison and now I have an issue with WorldGuard.
    It coonsomme between 15 & 40%.
    Which can cause unpleasant lag for players.

    I use autosell.

    Do you know how to fix this?

    Thank you
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  2. What are your WG config.yml and world/config.yml? A quick fix would be deleting the WorldGuard folder (not the .jar file) and manually configuring it in-game using regions and flags.
  3. I deleted the file WG config.yml but same problem.
    Config WG :
    Code (Text):
    # WorldGuard's main configuration file
    # This is the global configuration file. Anything placed into here will
    # be applied to all worlds. However, each world has its own configuration
    # file to allow you to replace most settings in here for that world only.
    # About editing this file:
    # - DO NOT USE TABS. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain. If
    #   you use an editor like Notepad++ (recommended for Windows users), you
    #   must configure it to "replace tabs with spaces." In Notepad++, this can
    #   be changed in Settings > Preferences > Language Menu.
    # - Don't get rid of the indents. They are indented so some entries are
    #   in categories (like "enforce-single-session" is in the "protection"
    #   category.
    # - If you want to check the format of this file before putting it
    #   into WorldGuard, paste it into
    #   and see if it gives "ERROR:".
    # - Lines starting with # are comments and so they are ignored.

            perform-on-next-start: false
            keep-names-that-lack-uuids: true
        use-creature-spawn-event: true
            use: false
            dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost/worldguard
            username: worldguard
            password: worldguard
            table-prefix: ''
        enable: true
        invincibility-removes-mobs: false
        fake-player-build-override: true
        explosion-flags-block-entity-damage: true
        high-frequency-flags: false
        protect-against-liquid-flow: false
        wand: 334
        max-claim-volume: 30000
        claim-only-inside-existing-regions: false
            default: 7
    auto-invincible: false
    auto-invincible-group: false
    auto-no-drowning-group: false
    use-player-move-event: false
    use-player-teleports: false
        deop-everyone-on-join: false
        block-in-game-op-command: false
    host-keys: {}
    summary-on-start: true
    op-permissions: true
        enable: false
        deny-message: '&eSorry, but you are not permitted to do that here.'
        block-entity-spawns-with-untraceable-cause: false
        interaction-whitelist: []
        emit-block-use-at-feet: []
        item-durability: true
        remove-infinite-stacks: false
        disable-xp-orb-drops: false
        disable-obsidian-generators: false
        block-potions: []
        block-potions-overly-reliably: false
            enable: false
            radius: 3
            redstone: false
        pumpkin-scuba: false
        disable-health-regain: false
        no-physics-gravel: false
        no-physics-sand: false
        vine-like-rope-ladders: false
        allow-portal-anywhere: false
        disable-water-damage-blocks: []
        block-tnt: true
        block-tnt-block-damage: true
        block-lighter: true
        disable-lava-fire-spread: true
        disable-all-fire-spread: true
        disable-fire-spread-blocks: []
        lava-spread-blocks: []
        block-creeper-explosions: true
        block-creeper-block-damage: true
        block-wither-explosions: true
        block-wither-block-damage: true
        block-wither-skull-explosions: true
        block-wither-skull-block-damage: true
        block-enderdragon-block-damage: true
        block-enderdragon-portal-creation: true
        block-fireball-explosions: true
        block-fireball-block-damage: true
        anti-wolf-dumbness: false
        allow-tamed-spawns: true
        disable-enderman-griefing: false
        disable-snowman-trails: false
        block-painting-destroy: false
        block-item-frame-destroy: true
        block-plugin-spawning: true
        block-above-ground-slimes: false
        block-other-explosions: true
        block-zombie-door-destruction: true
        block-creature-spawn: []
        disable-fall-damage: true
        disable-lava-damage: false
        disable-fire-damage: false
        disable-lightning-damage: false
        disable-drowning-damage: false
        disable-suffocation-damage: true
        disable-contact-damage: false
        teleport-on-suffocation: true
        disable-void-damage: false
        teleport-on-void-falling: false
        disable-explosion-damage: true
        disable-mob-damage: true
        disable-death-messages: true
        enable: false
        disable-off-check: false
        disable-creature-trampling: true
        disable-player-trampling: true
        prevent-lightning-strike-blocks: []
        disable-lightning-strike-fire: false
        disable-thunderstorm: false
        disable-weather: true
        disable-pig-zombification: false
        disable-powered-creepers: false
        always-raining: false
        always-thundering: false
        disable-mushroom-spread: false
        disable-ice-melting: false
        disable-snow-melting: false
        disable-snow-formation: false
        disable-ice-formation: false
        disable-leaf-decay: true
        disable-grass-growth: false
        disable-mycelium-spread: false
        disable-vine-growth: true
        disable-soil-dehydration: false
        snow-fall-blocks: []
        use-as-whitelist: false
                enable: true
                enable: false
                dsn: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/minecraft
                user: root
                pass: ''
                table: blacklist_events
                enable: false
                path: worldguard/logs/%Y-%m-%d.log
                open-files: 10
  4. What plugins are you using? WorldEdit? Factions? Any Block Logger? BlocksHub? If so, you misconfigured some of them or you're using incompatible versions.
  5. WG and WE doesn't lag the server unless your allowing players to use WE and all the //wand features. What is autosell? There are a couple of those.
  6. This one with quicksell works pretty good, I see no lag.
  7. I had no worries before, then at some point the players have said it out does take a few weeks that there is little lag.
    The lags occur when WG consumes 60% ....

    A change had to be made but I do not know what.
    I reset the config.yml and I can not reset the \ world (region too much)
  8. I experienced this exact problem, when using PowerfullPerms.
    Perhaps this is the case for you aswell?
  9. I just did a test:
    - Player OP => WorldGuard is normal
    - Regular player => WorldGuard overconsumption

    I think it is a permission problem.

    I use GroupManager.
    What did you do to solve the problem?

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  10. "Little LAG"
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