Worldguard + Minecart with tnt

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  1. Hello guys i have a problem with the TNT-minecart and worldguard (im using the last dev build 814). There is a way to protect regions? because it already destroy my regions, even if i have the option to block other explosion on true.
  2. Hello, sorry no one has written you sooner!! There are 4 things off the top of my head you can try, the 4th being drastic but works.

    1. world guard region flag 'other-explosion deny'
    2. world guard region flag 'creeper-explosion deny'
    3. world guard region flag 'tnt deny' (or something similar, type /rg f regionname randomletters and itll show you list.
    4. download GriefPrevention and use it to mark a region owned by an admin, /adminclaims. I use it for my players for anti-grief (i make them go through a basic tutorial on it before they can play) and ive never had any grief issues ever. I dont need logblock or anything because of it.

    Until i actually update to 1.5 and see, this is all i can offer!
  3. Ey already solved blocking it through :)
  4. Thats one way to do it! :D
  5. I am running a little server on a sqool for kids , please can or wil you bee so kind to explain how Ey made it over the :) is he also using essentials.antibuild.
    I will bee verry thank full if you will explain me how he did it

    :) thx wanderer
  6. In essentials at:

    # Which items should people be prevented from using
    usage: 407

    407 is the id of the minecart + tnt :)
  7. Tnx for fast reply
    I did that but maybe need other plugin ?? beside essentiels that i have not in ??
    still by using the world is big hole :( oeps
    on-placement: 10,11,46,327,407
    on-use: 327,407
    # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing
    placement: 10,11,46,327,407
    # Which items should people be prevented from using
    usage: 327,407
  8. You need to put in you plugins folder also the plugin EssentialsAntiBuild :)
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  9. yes i did that to ?? is it that antiGrief is making problemzz maybe
  10. What you need to do? block minecart + tnt? this is a nice way, and this is how i did :D
    Lever plugins that may go in conflict with EssentialsAntiBuild.
  11. maybee i am using the wrong essentials version wich one You use ???

    def build ???
  12. Just add this to your worlguard blacklist file in each world.


    That will block everyone from using/placing minecart with tnt item ID 407.
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  13. Thanx very much i try that and let You now :p
  14. :D Yes !!!! done Now it tells Not possible To use minecarts with TNT [407]

    Great thanx Yehh !!! The building are not have to suffer Tomorrow

    Tnx all for the Help !! :confused: some things i make wrong