Solved Worldguard NOFALLDMG Flag ?

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  1. Hey guys, i've been looking everywhere for either a plugin that made it so players wouldnt receive fall damage in a specific zone, and i looked for a nofalldmg flag for worldguard. I found WG Custom Flags and Player Damage flags, Player Damage flags being dependent from WG Custom, unfortunately the Player Damage flags plugin hasnt been updated since 1.8.3 or something, so its not compatible with WorldGuard 6.

    If anyone knows about anything else please help me out !

    PS : I was also looking for a similar plugin that protected item frames from over players, since i have a factions shop i need a plugin to protect those item frames.
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  2. The flag of worldguard is "fall-damage" but if it's old you can try the plugin "worldguard custom flags" or "worldguard playerdamage flag"
  3. I mean i already stated that the worldguard custom flags and player damage didnt work because they were outdated, but its seems that the fall-damage flag you just gave me works ! Its not in the list of flags for worldguard though so im confused
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  4. As far as I know there is no flag for this but you can use this flag invincible
  5. Nice, you just have to create the region you want and if it works without errors in the console it will be fine
  6. Well clearly i just tried it and that flag worked, so either its useless for me and it makes people invincible or i can use it for my warzone drop without having players invincible !
  7. Why the post is marked as solve? Which was the solution?
  8. the "fall-damage" flag of WorldGuard worked