Solved WorldGuard not working on Spigot 1.15.2

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by artze, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Hello. Thanks for any help in advance.

    I have a 1.15.2 server that has WorldEdit and WorldGuard. Originally, I was running W.E 7.0.1, and W.G 7.0.1, and it was working normally. Today on log-in WorldGuard doesn't launch but WorldEdit works just fine.

    I have:
    Restarted the server
    removed then reinstalled the original versions
    updated both to the latest releases

    All WorldEdit commands work in game, W.G brings up 'Unknown Command'.

    I did some looking in the files and couldn't find any crashlog or anything. Thanks

    If it helps at all, last night the only thing that was done to W.G was me making a single region and giving it permissions for a group.
  2. md_5

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    Look at your server startup log harder
  3. Sorry, I hope this is what you're looking for, it was titled latest.log in my logs folder.
  4. md_5

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  5. That did it. Thank you for your help md.