Solved worldguard overlapping regions

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  1. I am so sorry if this is the wrong place. I have a region named zoo on my server. in this region I have mob-spawning deny because I don't want zombies killing everyone. In this region I also have a bee farm where people can come get honey. Because of the no mobspawning the bees go into the hive and never come back out. I made a new region just covering the bee area and marked it mob-spawning allow but it is not working, I can not spawn anything in this region even with an egg. I am very new to all this so please keep that in mind and be kind with your answers bee.jpg
  2. You need to give the bee region priority over the no mob spawning region so that it's flags will override the other region that covers that spot.
  3. Please how do I do that?
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  4. The command is /rg setpriority (region) (priority)

    You simply need to set the priority of the bee region to a higher number than the other region.
    So do these two commands:
    /rg setpriority bee 10
    /rg setpriority other-region 5

    I'm sure you get the gist. You can use whatever numbers you want, as long as the bee region has a higher priority it will use the flag value set for the bee region and not the other region.
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  6. No problem, glad I could help!