WorldGuard PvP Region help!

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  1. Okay, so I am trying to make a certain region of my world PvP enabled while the rest is not. I looked online and found someone said this on the Minecraft Forum. It was from like, 2012, but the commands seemed to still work the same when I did them on my server. However, PvP still does not work. I've tried restarting the server twice. And yes, in, PvP is enabled, globally. Here is what the online guy said:

    Now... should I do it the way that guy said, and am I doing something wrong, or is there a better way to make PvP enabled regions? Thanks!
  2. That is right.
    Higher priority numbers override flags. What u might be doing wrong is:
    1. Your global region priority is higher.
    2. You have invincible allow in your global region?
  3. I can try turning off invincibility, but I take fall damage and mob damage, so I'm not sure why player damage is not working. I'll see if __global__ is set higher. Thanks!
  4. Keep in mind that WorldGuard regions are three-dimensional. You have to make sure the height covers where the players are, not just points on the ground.

    You can do /region info to see the flags for any point. Try it while inside your PVP region.
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  5. I've tried that. It still doesn't work. Invincibility is off, PvP is enabled, and the region is valid. Could there be some other plugin causing this? I don't have any other plugins that really deal with anything like that, so...
  6. Okay so I've set PvP to be enabled in the, I've set it to true in the __global__ region and the region I want the PvP to work in, and everything else. I looked in multiverse-core, and went to my "worlds" folder and went into my main world's settings. It had PvP off. I set it to true, and then saved the file and restarted. When I went back into the folder, PvP was disabled again. I did this three times and each time it gets disabled. This leads me to believe it's another plugin causing it but I've looked through all my administrative plugins and tried looking through settings and can't find a setting to fix it. Everything is enabled. I have no idea why it's doing this. I'm also having issues with hostile mobs not spawning even though the difficulty is set globally to NORMAL and region flags allow mob spawning and hostile mob spawning and the file also has it set to true.
  7. Have you tried setting a flag for the world using the command?

    /mv modify set pvp true
  8. If it still doesn't work, PM me with your server's IP, I can come and help :p
  9. Yes I have. I think I figured it out, it was something with CoreProtect I think, I fixed the mob spawning issue and have yet to see if PvP works.
  10. The IP is if you want to come on and check. Otherwise if you have an MCProHosting account I can add you on there and you are free to check my config files.