worldguard region deny exit to members only!

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  1. I have made a region around a "tutorial" where users cannot leave until they use /rankup. They start off as group default and then when they rankup they will go from group default to group peasent. I am trying to make it so that users that are in the group default cannot leave the region and users that are not in group default can leave the region. I have tried testing it with some players but it seems like they either can or can't leave no matter what group they're in. If someone could illustrate what commands I need to use to only deny exit for the default group I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, lowheartrate
  2. However, you should do /pex group peasant add group.peasant or something. If this doesn't work, maybe have barrier blocks and have people teleport out?
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  3. Alright thanks! As far as the tutorial region. What flags would I have set to make sure only the g:default is not allowed to exit and all other groups are able to?!
  4. You would probably have to manually add all the groups you want access to the region except for default.
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  5. Alright, so I would want to:
    Code (Text):
    /rg flag tutorial exit -g nonmembers deny
    and just add every group to members other then the group that I do not want to be able to leave the region?!
  6. Correct.
  7. Awesome! It worked :) Just wish there was an easier way to do it without having to manually add every... single... group as a member of the region o_O
  8. I'm sure there is another way such as using the PEX inheritance system. You would need to add something like -group.tutorial to the group default and then after the default group you would add group.tutorial. If someone stumbles across this thread, they may show you an easier way.
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  9. Would it be possible to just use:
    Code (Text):
    /rg flag tutorial exit -g members deny
    and just add g:default as a member of the region :confused:

    edit: for some reason when trying that and using /rankup to get out of group default, it still says I do not have permission to leave the area. I double checked the region info and the only group is default. I'm not sure why that isn't working correctly. :oops:
  10. Don't think so, because you're denying the members to exit the region but you're allowing the default group to enter/exit since you're adding the group as a member.
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