Solved WorldGuard Region Issue

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  1. I have a flag exit deny, enabled on my arena's region so players cant leave the arena, but when they die and go to spawn they cannot move.....anyone know how to fix this? :(
  2. Try removing your exit flag and just worldediting barriers around your arena. They're invisible and would work the same.
  3. its version 1.6.4 those dont exist
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  4. Not even gonna ask.
  5. Why on earth are you running a 4 year old version? You won't get ANY support for that.
  6. lol you asked for me!
  7. Its a modded server...the mod pack only supports 1.6.4
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  8. Ah, we'll have you tried just closing off the arena with something? ...or (if your WorldGuard version allows) set a region flag for allow-spawn?
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  9. let me check i'll get back to you.
  10. no it did not work
  11. Make sure any plugin is not overriding the spawn position (Plugins like essentials-spawn, multiverse, any other spawn teleportation plugin).
  12. i deleted mutlivere and essentials spawn and now spawn isnt working at all and you still get stuck
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  13. Got the latest WorldGuard 1.6 build?
  14. I'm using WorldGuard 5.9 so yes the latest 1.6.4 build
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  15. Try another WG build
  16. I've Tried latest build for 1.6.4 and all the others for 1.6.4