WorldGuard-Region owner is added but when flag modified he cannot do anything!

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  1. So i have WorldGuard plugin and i protected area for one of my server players. I added him as owner to that region with command /region addowner (region name) (user's name) and when i checked with /region info it said that he is the owner of it, i didn't misspelled or anything, but when i change some flag for example block-break/deny he cannot break blocks, although he is owner. I was thinking maybe it is fault that i dont have any ranks yet and users in default do not have permission to being owners of regions? Also if it's so could somebody give me link to the rank plugin? I just restarted playing minecraft, but i forget what was the most famous rank plugin named like, that had prefixes/sufixes and permissions!
  2. Make a new region over temporary with a priority higher than the first one your doing.

    Setting your old / first region as priority 1.

    Then your NEW region over the old one as 2 on priority, this is a temporary solution, but it works!
    (For me and 17 of other servers.)
  3. What you mean, i don't get it?
  4. Make a new region over the old one you cant figure how to give permission to the guy you want to make edits to your specified area.

    Do this on your old region:
    /rg priority <id> 2

    Then make a new region within the old one and do exectly the same, BUT: /rg priority <id> 1

    This means The newer region will override the old region you have :)

    - M
  5. So that it overrides? It would still not work, i tried it, it doesnt works. Why before on WorldGuard i just had to make a region, add somebody as owner to it and then he could do anything that others couldn't do, but now WorldGuard acts like that player was not owner of that region, however he is one!
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  6. Then i got no solution for u, ive just been using Override for Pvp arena, and so much more.

    Sovles everything, what version do u use for WG/WE?