Spigot WorldHost 1.2.0

Host worlds like they're servers!

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    WorldHost - Host worlds like they're servers!

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  3. It seems to have problems with menus
    Any idea why?
  4. What version is your server, and what version of Skript and it's addons are you using?
  5. nvm, there was a bug in the code, it was lacking "trigger:" on a command.
    btw for some reason when trying to /join a server that isn't mine it says that the server doesn't exist.
    and it would be nice if you add a server list menu as I saw things like "add 1 to {players.%{server.%player%}%} " & "set {motd.%{server.%player%}%} to "%arg-1%" that is probably ment for it.

    I Tested the skript on 1.12 and it worked perfectly fine. No erroors at all. (including the plugins, I Made few)

    There's another required addon. skquery.
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  6. worldhost did not work