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Regenerate a world without reboot

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    WorldRegen - Regenerate a world without reboot

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  2. This plugin looks super-useful! Just a few questions...
    How does this plugin effect server memory? Is there huge lag as a world is reset/deleted?

    How well does it handle custom generators?

    Are worlds automatically re-loaded by WorldRegen or by other plugins (ie Multiverse)?

    Could you show us what the config looks like so we know what is customizable.

    I look forward to using this plugin, just want to make sure it will do what I need :)
  3. I noticed an issue in the code and will post an update that allows other worlds other than just The End to be reloaded.

    I have not tested it for memory consumption, but would figure memory use is not going to change much if world is just regenerated.

    Unloading a world and deleting world files should not be performance intensive, however generating a new world will most certainly take CPU cycles, not sure how it will impact existing game play, but you could always script a message to all players ahead of time telling them to expect some lag when the world is rebuilt.

    Have never tried with custom generators, since primary intent was to regenerate The End dimension, so it uses the generators that were defined for the specific world.

    Config only has option whether world that is regenerated should use a new random seed or keep the existing seed.

    Basic process is as follows:
    1. If the world exists, get it's generator and autosave settings
    2. Set world's autosave to false
    3. Bump all players on that world to their bed spawn location or if non-existent, the global spawn location of the main world defined in the level-name of the server.properties file.
    4. If the world is not already unloaded, unload the world.
    5. Remove the world folder.
    6. Create a new world with the same generator settings
    7. Set autosave back to whatever it was before.
  4. That's fair. And that means it should work with the world I'm using. I used a custom seed to generate the world so as long as the generation code is saved, the world could be recreated with a new seed but still retain its overall appearance.
  5. Its supposed to get and use the generator / settings that the world was created with, however, tbh, I've never tested with other generators whether those are still used. Post if you confirm it's working, if not, I can look into it.
  6. I have a suggestion: To make this plugin safer and more secure, could you put a list in the config of worlds that are able to be reset? If this could cause issues then perhaps a config option to use or not use the list (allow any to be reset). My main concern is somehow either someone hacks in and runs the /worldregen command, or someone uses it accidentally not realizing its purpose. As such a potentially destructive command, it would be beneficial to have some security behind it (a confirmation command could be useful, too).

    Anyways, testing...

    Alright so, it seems it worked and didn't work. The world was cleared but it doesn't appear that it was properly recreated. I think I'll just stick with Multiverse's /mv regen command for now.
  7. Thanks Omanoctoa for testing. I'll take a look at it, sorry it didn't work for your needs.
  8. It still might. WorldRegen has the ability to reset core worlds like the Nether and End that can't normally be reset. If it can do this without errors and without disrupting Multiverse, I'll use it. I've been looking for a way to do exactly what this plugin offers for a while.

    have you tested it with Multiverse?
  9. I honestly don't recall if it was tested with Multiverse. Might have tested on a server that uses Multiverse, but not specifically tested on worlds generated with Multiverse. The original purpose was to periodically redo the nether and end on a typical survival server where players tend to wreck those worlds. So that scenario was tested.
  10. That's understandable. The issue I'm specifically worried about it whether or not it is loading the worlds properly after they are regenerated.
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    Minor Changes

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  12. Nice plugin, just sadly after world regen, end portals dont work. Players can't get to the end.
    Aswell when I've done /wr world_the_end, it regens the world but no dragon spawns.
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  13. OK, tbh, I'll have to test. Had been working fine on my server. Please let me know what Spigot version you are running.
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  14. Running Paper 1.13
  15. I'm able to reproduce the issue in 1.13.2
  16. Alright, so I've regenerated the world, and its actually working now. Sorry about all this.
  17. This seems to occur until the next reboot regardless of whether a new seed or not is used. Probably the reason why I didn't notice since I've always done the regen right before my normal daily reboot.
  18. I'll continue to look if there is a way to not have to reboot.
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