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Simply reset a world without restarting your Server! [+ API]

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    WorldReset [Plugin + API] - Simply reset a world without restarting your Server! + API

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  2. Good API! Thanks, for sharing.
  3. does this save gamerule keepInventory true etc settings of the world when doing world resets?
  4. No, sorry, but I will fix that on my next release :)
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  5. Well.
    For the API, you should seriously change it.
    DoWhatYouWant? Really? Make it look good. Make it WorldReset.resetWorld(p.getLocation().getWorld());
  6. Changed it. :)
  7. Oh!
    I thought you meant the API was actually WorldReset.DoWhatYouWant();
    Thanks for changing it for dumb people like me.
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  8. Good API, can you Update an restart command to restart the World yet ?
  9. i see in another similar plugin that there's issues resetting the default created server worlds... is this the case here too? i will test soon
  10. what i really wanted was gamerules saved during resets, not during saves... i actually assumed a world save would save gamerule right... and wanted to know about resets, because ive wanted to auto reset the end world on a schedule possibly but, not when it removes the gamerules and need to set them manually...

    if you cant do this to this plugin
    maybe just find a way for me to auto type in mv gamerule keepInventory true WorldName after i get a plugin to reset a world?

    hmm.. so what does resetting a world keep? the seed and the world name? and all the generation settings?
    i wonder if you have gamerules already saved in there, or if you might wanna implement that..
    would it be wierd at all to also keep the gamerules?
    like, i dont think anyone ever resets a world with the desire to have all the gamerules back to default... right .. :)

    how would i go about reloading a saved world once a week? instead of resetting, i might want to reload a saved world with a spawn build etc.

    will my worldguard regions still be there after a restart? or would i need to back them up?
  11. What do you mean with "restart the world"? o_O
  12. So, when you reset a world, you want to have the gamerules of the world which has been replaced and not the gamerules of the save?

    And, what do you mean with "reloading a world"? I dont understand that. ^^
    If it is what I understand, it's already what you want ;) When you 'reset' a world, you will replace the current world with the saved world.

    And don't worry, your Worldguard regions will stay alive :D
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  13. oops i'm sorry, i didn't understand the plugin fully
    i was thinking i had the power to just totally reset any world to default, but now i see that there needs to be a world saved for to be able to reset the world to that saved version.
    okay cool so, now you made it so it saves gamerules too, good stuff! :) that seems important, and was exactly what i needed still :)
    so now i have the power to make an easily regenable end world :D just gotta make spawn, make regions, border, set gamerules, etc, then save the world and RESET when destroyed XD
    hmmm... ender dragon portal creation on after world reset? :p maybe even ender dragon block damage! but enderman block pickups for sure ;P
    thanks for the great plugin/support GGZ:)

    one more thing, can you change
    "Reset a world, which have been saved before" to
    "Reset a world, which has been saved before" :)
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  14. Sorry for that kind of english, I'm just a german guy :p
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  15. yea. i envy you for working with different languages
    trying to learn other languages sickens me.
    like... ;isdfsilfdjkdfgdflkgdfl;k!!!! [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!! |FEJSld!!! u knowwwww!!!!!!! hsdkjhjkflsd:!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ldfsjldksjflksjflkjLK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JFJHDSKLJFLKSDJLFKJDLSKJDLKJLKJL!K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  16. i think i might need to re implement the plugin and resave the worlds and test the reset again but for now i'll send you my errors i just got when i tried again with the updated version

    got this after deleting the save and trying to make another save

    seems to work fine after removing plugin info and readding it all :)
    must have been a problem with the world save or somethin from previous version
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  17. SlimeDog

    Moderator Patron

    I like this idea. Until now, I've been resetting the world from my own saved pristine copy, but I stop the server first, which is the whole point of this plugin. However, I cannot use it yet: see below.

    First, please add descriptive logging for each save. Something like what was saved, where, etc.

    Now the problem: In my Spigot 1.8.7/WE/WG/PEX/MV/LuckyBlock environment (all latest pulls), WorldReset 1.0.2 saves and resets without log errors. However, when I enter the saved world, I get serious errors:

    [10:29:34] [Server thread/WARN]: [LuckyBlock] Task #716 for LuckyBlock v1.5 generated an exception

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot measure distance between world_luckyblock and world_luckyblock

    at org.bukkit.Location.distanceSquared(Location.java:456) ~[spigot-1.8.7.jar-2015-06-09:git-Spigot-44c59bf-1880a9c]

    at com.LuckyBlock.Resources.ParticleEffect$ParticlePacket.sendTo(ParticleEffect.java:1518) ~[?:?]

    at com.LuckyBlock.Resources.ParticleEffect.display(ParticleEffect.java:572) ~[?:?]

    These seem to cycle between various tasks. I am the only player in the world. There are some small (1x1) lava pits, which I assume account for the particle effects; no other particles active, afaik. I can give a complete log if you need for investigation.

    Please advise.
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