Spigot WorldReset [Plugin + API] | Outdated! 1.0.9_last

Simply reset a world without restarting your Server! [+ API]

  1. could i reset a world whilst keeping worldguard regions untouched? or is there another plugin that's more suited towards that job?
    i don't want to ruin this plugin by having more stuff added to it, it's already great and super useful as is. i just wonder if i can do this with help from the api, or suggestions of other plugins that my hunting hasn't found yet:p
  2. I've MutiveseCore, and when I reset the world Multiverse does not load it. Someone can help me?

    EDIT: When I'm going on another world after the reset multiverse teleport me in the default world.
  3. I cant make it to work on my plugin:O
    I have been trying:
    Code (Text):

    WorldReset.kickPlayers("UHCWorld", "Game is finished.");
    Code (Text):

    Doesnt work for some reason. Any ideas?
  4. Use:
    Code (Text):

  5. I will try that today
  6. GoldenGamerZone updated WorldReset [Plugin + API] with a new update entry:

    Major bugs fixed and some improvements

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  7. Hey! Is it possible to add an option :

    Don't kick players on the map but teleport them to a specified location? (x,y,z,world etc)
  8. Would be possible... (If the location isn't in the world which has to be resetted :D)

    Maybe I will add that soon ;)
  9. "[​IMG][​IMG](If the location isn't in the world which has to be resetted :D)"

    Yes of course :p
    It would be very cool for my new mini-game server, I don't really enjoy the idea to kick the player each time they finished a game :/
  10. Great plugin! Using it as api. I have a question. Could you make that the server saves the world before copying it? In my server, the worlds are saved every 30 minutes, so the plugins dosn't save the latest updates of the world. Or maybie it only happens to me?

  11. Normally, the world will be saved before copying...
    I will do my best to improve this!
  12. The second part of this message is baffling....Is the world saved?
    Code (Text):
    [07:22:44 INFO]: [WorldReset] world has been saved!
    [07:22:44 INFO]: [WorldReset] This world can't be saved, because it's the main world!
    It's in the folder under world. Just don't understand why i'm getting the additional info. Only ran the command once.
  13. Thank you for reporting me this! I will fix the messages soon. And to answer you question: No, your world hasn't been saved because it is the main world.
  14. Ok, just so we are clear, this doesn't work if you only have 1 world? You may want to ad some sort of MultiWorld dependency statement in your overview if this is the case so people don't lose their whole server world.