Worlds being regenerated at random

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  1. Hey all - I've come to you with a weird issue that our server has experienced and we have zero clues as to why it happened or how.

    For some information, we are running the following plugins, some custom:

    We suspect it may be related to Multiverse, or perhaps Worldedit/Worldguard.

    We recently updated to 1.15.2 from 1.15.1, we've kept up to date with mostly every release.
    This issue happened after we updated it to 1.15.2, but we didn't notice any issues once we initially updated.
    Everything was seemingly fine, no errors, no world issues, all good, or so we thought at least.

    We updated our server on February 25th, we first noticed the issue in our logs at around March 3rd as a player kept getting kicked for flying.
    We logged onto the server to find our entire spawn was deleted, we ventured into other worlds and found that a few other worlds were regenerated.

    Some worlds, such as our survival and factions world, are fine. Our spawn schematic in our factions world that we pasted was deleted, the mob arenas that we hand built but protected with Worldguard were deleted.
    Our spawn, protected with worldguard, was deleted.

    So this leads to our belief that it may be related to worldguard, or multiverse breaking with it.
    There are no logged errors or anything of the sort, all logs say everything is just fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    If you'd like any more info, just ask and I will post it.
  2. This happened only once?

    Did you check coreprotect if some kind if rollback were triggered?

    How do your logs look if this happens?
  3. It's only happened once, yes. and we've had the server running for at least a few months now so it's very odd that it just randomly happened.

    We briefly checked coreprotect but we were unable to roll anything back, so it doesn't seem related.

    and logs look perfectly normal. There is nothing out of the ordinary from any of the logs that would convey something went horribly wrong or a world regeneration was happening. That's probably the oddest part of this whole situation.