worlds bugs and lag

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  1. the worlds of my server lagean sometimes leave black pieces and there is nothing, and other Sometimes a chunk doubles, and when you put blocks are not loaded, and put algua not seen as stretching, but never any lag, everything is errors textures, it happens to all server, which can be, Video repetition of chunks:
  2. Hi :)

    Well, my first guess would be corrupted chunks.
    Secondly, are there any console errors you could include, please?
    And how are you hosting your server? Localhost? Or renting a server?
  3. console errors?
  4. no, 0
  5. How are you hosting your server?
  6. This map is corrupted! :x
  7. As you said - duplicating chunks - if you are hosting this on your pc, maybe it is caused by your computer lagging, or overloading? And if you don't have any console errors, then.. I'm out of ideas
  8. Indeed, haha
  9. Ow, sorry... x)
  10. Delete it or use a software for fix it
  11. ovh, dedicated 32ram