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  1. Sorry my bad....didn't have WorldEdit- works perfect get that error with WorldEdit- just incase anyone else gets the same Error ;)
  2. It's been stated this plugin works with generators like EWG, I currently use RealisticWorldGenerator, which I am sure it works for as well, but I am curious if it will use the generators biomes or if the minecraft biomes still have to be used?
  3. It uses Minecrafts/Spigots biomes, which are usually modified by custom world generators. If you go to a biome and press F3 and look at the biome name, you can put that into your schematics config file and it should detect whether its in that biome or not
  4. thanks. RWG isn't that way unfortunately. thank you for informing me that it must be minecraft biomes.
  5. Had to do a couple tests before I stated this....

    Seem to have a compat issue with RealisticNetherGenerator. This error doesn't appear in overworld, and non-generator worlds. Overworld using RWG, no issues. Nether on the other hand, I limited it all the way down to a single block schematic. When i go to spawn a new nether(delteing entire folder) It will go to about 15-20% then crash trying to build the spawn area, when there is 1 schematic in the folder, remove the schems, delete world, reload world, it loads up just fine. Add in schems to it after its obviously working, reload everything, and it won't go, even after a restart. Both plugins work on their own and together in the overworld, but nether is another story.

    I feel pretty certian the issue is with RNG, but I thought I would post this here too just incase there is something overlooked.
  6. Hello, I bought it and it seems great!, but, in order to increase the performance when generating a map... I would like to know if it is compatible with fast async world edit.
  7. Good plugin!

    I would like to report the following error in console.

    Would you pls. check it once possible?

  8. @robotnik Hey it's me ! Sorry but today if i contact you it's because i need you to resend me the latest version pls, and you know i have clue that i buy your plugin ^^, and thank you at all BTW ^^

    Sorry for bad english, i'm french :'D
  9. What is the 'data' option in loot tables? <Item Data> info in one of the tutorials doesn't explain much.

  10. Changes the items data. If the item is a damagable item, it sets its damage value

    ex: setting the 'Material' to STONE and 'Data' to 6 will give Polished Andesite
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  11. Hi!

    Would you pls. help me with this error?

  12. @Resoluciones

    Will be fixed next update, should have it out by monday
  13. Great! Thank you robotnik!
  14. In your example blockdata file you used loot tables called:
    - EpicLoot1
    - EpicLoot2
    - EpicLoot3
    Does this mean in the loot folder there should be loot files called
    or should they be EpicLoot1.json?
  15. Correct. Right now though, WorldSchematics only support .yml config files for loot tables. There is no spigot API for parsing Minecraft json files easily, and to create something from scratch that does is too much effort.
  16. robotnik updated WorldSchematics2 with a new update entry:

    New Marker system, and bug fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. Hi! I would like to report the following error in console.

    Pls. if possible take a look at it.

  18. I'll take a look when I get home from work later today
  19. Does this plugin have a setting which only allows schematics to be generated within a certain world?
  20. Yes, the plugin generates folders for each world, and a schematic will only spawn in a world if you put it in the folder for that world
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