Bukkit WorldSystem - The one world per player solution 2.0

Forget PlotMe and PlayerWorlds. The one world per player solution you have ever dreamed off

  1. Kannst du ein Feature hinzufügen, welches ermöglicht ein anderen Welten-Typ zu wählen?
  2. Was meinst du mit anderen Welten-Typ wählen?
  3. Das man den beim erstellen von einer Welt angeben kann. Zum Beispiel:
    /ws get NORMAL - Dann wird eine normale Welt erstellt.
    /ws get FLAT - Dann wird eine Flachland Welt erstellt
  4. Hello , how can I change the gamemode? I think there is only toggling gamemode
  5. Changig gamemode goes over the vanilla /gamemode command.
  6. Is it possible to do so only admins can make a new world,
  7. Unfortunately, this is not possible but WorldSystem is not meant for this. For such things I would recommend MultiVerse.
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  8. Hi there,

    the next update for WorldSystem will be huuuge. New things:
    - A GUI for nearly all functions from WorldSystem which is 100% configureable (Oooooh Yes)
    - An easy to use, eventbased API for programmer
    - Different worldsizes with different permissions
    - much more cool stuff

    This update contains nearly all suggested functions for this resource.

    Until then,

    P.S.: Thank you for almost 200 Downloads
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    Big update - 2.0

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