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Inform your staff members about players who travelled through different worlds

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    WorldTraveller [1.7-1.11] - Inform your staff members about players who travelled through different worlds

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  2. Would you consider adding placeholder api placeholders support?
  3. Which placerholders do you like to be implemented?
  4. Mainly vault and multiverse alias. figured placeholder api would be easier though and allow for others to have lots of options too.
  5. Vault and Multiverse Alias? Currently this is only triggered to 1 ( world change event ) so there's no possible way of vault or multiverse placerholders since they don't exist as and dependencies, since you are already able to modify the message yourself in the config.yml
  6. Yeah, i really like that I can edit the config message. If you would be open to it, I suggested adding support for placeholder api since for me I would like to have the players rank displayed in the message (hence vault) and also since I have some worlds renamed with multiverse alias ( for example world_nether is changed to Nether, hence multiverse alias support). Right now i have it as " &d%player% &ftravelled from &b%from% &fto &b%to% " and i would love to be able to have it as " &d%vault_groupprefix% %player% &ftravelled from &b%placeholderapi__multiverse_world_alias% &fto &b%placeholderapi__multiverse_world_alias% ". Hope that made alittle more sense and might give better insight into how adding placeholder api support could enhance your resource. And this is just one example, I'm sure other owners with say factions or skyblocks, ect could find even greater value.

  7. Ohhh okay now i understand what you are saying, will be added :)
  8. has been added ;) you can now just simply use placeholders from @clip 's api and @Maximvdw 's by adding them to the config.yml message.
    Example: "TravelMessage: '%prefix% &7%player% &ftravelled from &e%from% &fto &e%to% %player_uuid%'"

    Where "%player_uuid%" is an ecloud downloaded Player extention.
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  9. Thank you very much!
    I currently have the config message set up as:
    %vault_prefix% %player% &ftravelled from &e%multiverse_world_alias% &fto &e%multiverse_world_alias%

    When I do this however it put the world I am traveling to in both instances. For example, if I am going from the nether to survival it says I traveled from survival to survival. Should the config message be changed or is this not possible? If it's not would you be amenable to making it so?

    Many thanks
  10. Actually you are using the same placeholder which produces your message. Either there's an other placeholder to get the world you were before or its not actually possible to trigger that. Another ( maybe not what you wanted ) would be of using %from% from my system