Worst MC server providers

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by o355, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. RSNET-Radic


    Any first hand experience or based on what all the internet friends are saying?
  2. I switched and used many hosts so here are some of my opinions:

    -GGservers: https://ggservers.com/
    They might offer a lot but they have no idea what they are doing. They have tons of bugs and they never helps with tickets. I had a problem ordering a server so I opened a ticket and it has been 2 month and still no answer. Never use this host.

    -MCProHosting: https://mcprohosting.com/
    I used this host for a while with their dragon plan. The control panel and service were great and it is a hosting that fun to work with. So... where is the bad part? The prices, they are overpriced. I spent over 64$ a month and the CPU was not so good. (I dont blame them about the CPU we had over 100 plugins). But if you want a smooth server with them you have to order a dedicated server which is 110$+ a month.

    -Minecraft-Hosting Pro: https://www.minecraft-hosting.pro/
    I am using this host for a long time and after switching hosts couple of times I always came back to this host. They have a phone app that allowes you to control your server from everywhere. You get a friendly control pannel which have every option you will need. You get FTP access. And, the prices are low. They offer 10GB for 30$ a month, bet you cannot find it cheaper with good service. Moreover, they answer the ticket fast and never stop answering your questions untill the problem will be solved.

    -Freemines: https://www.freemine.hosting/plans
    They have many plans and they are not overpriced. They also offer a lot. I did not use this host but I did took a look at it and the comments and reviews they got were positive.
  3. I think you may be being a bit rough, :)

    The 2 u rated badly r fine for small servers, i am currently with gg and they r responsive
    and helpful (wellll.. these days at least idk about b4, tho i guess we all have good times and bad.

    And a hundred plus plugs, 8-O,, Geebus, ;D

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  4. Hi,

    Well i had a server from them before, and it was terrible. My friend (Close friend) had a server from them, and no surprise it was also terrible! xD
  5. Hey,

    PickleHosting should be up there on that list o_O , i have a few servers from them, and i have never had a problem :)
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  6. MCPH = so overpriced.
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  7. First hand experience
  8. RSNET-Radic


    Or maybe the rest are under market pricing? MCPH is the largest MC provider for a reason.
  9. According to my past experiance and the rates you can find about this host you are
    You are right and the reason called hypixel xD
  10. JamesJ


    Because they give sponsorships to any large server or brand/person and give a nice little coupon code so their fan base think they're getting a deal, and use that host just because their favourite brand/person uses them. When in reality, they're still paying considerably more than they would anywhere else.

    It's a shitty business plan, however it works for them.
  11. It's not a bad business plan. Ever heard of Apple? Anyway, there's a few reasons behind it.

    The advertising method they primarily use is called bandwagoning, eg. a celebrity or model using and advertising a product and people want to be like them. Extremely common, especially with brands like Nike and Adidas. People buy them like crazy, even though there are cheaper, equal-or-greater-quality options.

    Once your company reaches a certain age and size, you're also able to effectively get away with charging for the name - much the same way car companies like Toyota have slowly but surely started to do, even though their vehicles are significantly lower-tech than competitors - they're going off their reputation for reliability. This also applies to Apple, who consistently has profit margins of well over 500% on their products, particularly their top-selling iPhones.
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  12. Fluctis Hosting is very cheap (1,34$/gb) and it works well. They have a custom panel, that works well, but sometimes has bugs that doesn't allow us to start the server. Uptime is great, tho. Support is incredibly fast and they're very nice persons. The server itself are very good, but the platform needs some tweaking for it to work better.

    I personally recommend them for starters, it is cheap and it works well. Very well.

    But, if you can buy a VPS or a Dedi, go for it.
  13. JamesJ


    But do Apple, Nike and Toyota target small children? Some of which will steal their parents credit/debit cards.
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  14. With the prices that OVH and their subsidiary brands (Kimsufi, SYS) relative to the hardware you get, it's kind of hard to justify going with a shared host.

    That said, I've used a ton of shared hosts.
    Good experiences: Minerack.org (excellent prices, good control panels, fairly speedy CPUs, their staff is fairly available in IRC if you run into issues)
    Meh Experiences: Shockbyte
    Awful Experiences: TrueWorldGaming (they were great until they were hacked...). GGServers (Expensive, awful performance).

    Still, best experience has been SoYouStart dedicated and Kimsufi.
  15. You say that as if McProHosting is actively encouraging children to steal their parents credit cards. Beyond that, literally every game server provider, as well as most game development studios and game distributing platforms, actively market to children and teens.
  16. JamesJ


    I never said that other companies didn't do that. I just said that MCPH does that.

    Ultimately, MCPH has got a reputation on this forum for overselling nodes for outrageous prices. Both of which I agree with.
  17. I hate GGServers with all my life
    Their customer support is horrible
  18. Blatantly you can't just say a host is good or bad, whether desirable or not for your needs, is a much better question. For one who has the technical know how, could, and probably should, go for a host with less resource to pay for customer support and other help forms. It could be justified for someone to leave a good review on a host with "bad" customer support, because of this. I know someone who has no problem with mcprohosting even though people consider them expensive and bad, he ran a small server with 5-10 players and didn't know much about the technical know how on minecraft servers and didn't want spend hours on it. It all about what the customer wants and if it archives their need in a hosting company, also why ask about the worst, when you can ask about the best ;)
  19. I used picklehosting almost 3 year ago, for a year, then i changed to a higher end dedi. Back then i had a very good experience with them, the owner almost always responded instantly on skype and tickets where pretty fast solved, never had problems with them ;)
  20. RSNET-Radic


    Hypixel wasn't always with them. They have bounced around from host to host based on who can offer them the best pricing.
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