Worth building your own pc at current prices? RE: Cryptocurrency

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  1. So cryptocurrency mining has made a lot of computer parts spike in price so I'm leaning towards a prebuilt. I could wait until the price drops but no one knows how long that'll be. I've been eyeing the Y900 on the Microsoft store cause the price dropped way down to 1600 from 2600 for some reason. Idk, what do you guys think?
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  2. Last time I checked GPU prices are still higher than they normally are. I have no clue how long it will take for them to drop again though. If you don't care about the 100 bucks or so I'd say go for it, but if you're on an extremely tight budget you could consider waiting some time.
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  3. Really depends on your budget. I had someone help me put this computer together online earlier as I'm currently looking towards getting a new computer.
  4. Your paying for a very expensive CPU for only getting 8GB of RAM. But hey, power to ya!
  5. I still think it'd be worth building your own PC. Not all computer hardware is inflated in price and for the ones that are, you could go the used parts route.
  6. Gpu prices are the only ones remotely effected by this. Ram is also pricy rn, however it’s not from that. I’d say definitely WAIT. No need to spend double the price on a gpu. You could use a ryzen apu, or an older gpu until current gen gpus go down, however.

    Oh and about prebuilt buying. I’d actually say It may be the best option until gpu prices drop. Because they literally have the ability to double the price of your build depending on the card.
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  7. APU and HIGH speed RAM and your done. That how I avoided the STUPID dedicated Graphic card pricing. :)
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    Yea, but you then also avoid the discrete GPU power too. I'd rather pay up and have a far more powerful graphics processor.
  9. True, supply and demands. But I am just saying for the "general" purpose PC doesn't need to "all out" if they don't need/want to.
  10. GPU prices are falling slowly down. RAM prices are staying high because Samsung is building a factory but is not going to be completed until 2022 i think. So if you don't need PC urgently don't build it. If you need it just buy 2x8gb 3200mhz sticks and more in the future.
  11. Actually I found the better priced sticks at 2133Mhz rate (at the point when the extra speed doesn't tack down too much more extra) but that was for DDR3. For DDR4 that might be the case. But hey you MIGHT not even need 16GB but 8GB in total. For those just get 2x4GB pack and call it it night.