Would a Mini Games server do well?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Seizure, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Hey SpigotMC users!

    Over the last few months, I've been thinking on creating a mini games server, I have all the funds and dedication for it but would it actually do well with the right resources such as youtubers, developers etc? Let me know I'm super intrigued.

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  2. If you have the right amount of bankroll, anything can do good. Minigame servers are one of those servers that are hard to maintain, though. There isn't a "grind" to them, thus, monetizing it is incredibly hard to do. And you will constantly need players on to make the server enjoyable, it cannot survive off a small playerbase like other gamemodes.
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  3. Mhm, I see. Thanks for the reply! What do you exactly mean "monetizing"? (y)
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  4. Unlike say, Skyblock, Factions, Prison, etc., where players donate for kits, items, crate keys, spawners, etc-- on minigame servers, you are extremely limited on what you can sell (how you monetize your server). Cosmetics is all I can think of.
  5. Ah I see what you mean, but you also could create items to sell, such as perks, coins and other related things like an in-game shop.
  6. Anyway, thank you.
  7. Hey Seizure,

    Minigames, in my opinion, are super cool servers. However, a lot harder to get going and maintaining.

    Reasons are the following:

    #1 Mini-Games, especially if custom-made, require a ton of development work. They take plenty of time to make and time costs a lot. In addition, you have to constantly worry about bugs and getting them patched correctly.

    #2 As Religion said, it is harder to sell things with the restriction of the EULA included. There are typically a lot more to sell on main gamemodes.

    #3 Mini-Games will usually require a lot more servers to run. Once again, ramping up the costs and maintenance needed. As well, a lot of minigame servers have backend servers running.

    #4 If you aren't able to get enough players initially, there will be no players. Unlike, for instance, Skyblock, one player can play alone. However, for survival games, for enjoyable games, you need around 10 players consistently for the best experience. In addition, more players for every other gamemode.

    #5 Extremely time-consuming. Even before releasing the server, it will take months of development to get a proper system in place to get things working. You really need an extreme amount of dedication.

    As someone who has worked on mini-game servers, it doesn't usually end well. My current server is transitioning from minigames to game modes because it did not do well. Even though the owner of the server has millions of subscribers.

    Overall, I would heavily recommend going with core game modes and trying to add some "uniqueness" or "specialty" that makes someone say wow. Through my experience, those are the servers that are going to excel the most, especially from small beginnings. However, if you really want a mini game server. I would recommend putting a specific amount of money and time that you would not care if you lost, cause ultimately most mini-games servers fail, but most is not all.

    If I helped you, it would help if you left a rating :D
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  8. I see, thank you! Will leave a rating for you! :cool:(y)
  9. Player retention is hard. Especially starting a minigame server can be hard. Nobody wants to wait 5 minutes for their game to start.
    Minigame servers often require a minimal amount of players for it to be running smoothly (ie, no long queue times etc).

    In addition, there are already tons out there. The concept would have to be unique enough to attract and retain players. Players that join only once and then leave add nothing.

    It's certainly possible, but it would require quite some good planning and a good value proposition.
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  10. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    If OP can code and code well they could do custom Minigames with NPCs.
    The AI would have to be pretty good, but that would deal with the player issue
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  11. a good mark for success is whether you are trying to make money, or not. If all you want is money, owning a server is not your thing and it will fail. When you have gotten a stable player base, only then try to actually get something back.
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  12. That would be very interesting to see. Don't recall any servers that do this as of yet?
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  13. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    Probably because of how difficult it is tbf.
    Not only do you need an NPC system, but they need good pathing and even better AI.
    e.g. If it's bedwars, the AI would have to be able to win, lose, die, and actually play like a normal player would.

    This means an NPC would need at the bare minimum:
    Health, Hunger, Armor, Inventory.
    The above four would have to function the EXACT same as a normal player too.
    i.e. Picking up items, dropping items, gaining/losing health, hunger, and armor
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  14. I do not recommend you to make another minigames server unless you have lots of money or you have new special minigame
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  15. With servers like Hypixel absolutely dominating the minigame space (and the player counts of once-huge networks like CubeCraft and Mineplex now dwindling), I wouldn't recommend starting a minigames server unless you have something very unique to offer.

    If you're going for the same generic minigames (SkyWars, BedWars, etc) without any unique twist, you're more than likely not going to get the server off the ground. You'll need something unique to draw players in these days - take a look at MineClub, for example.
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  16. Yeah I see.
  17. Yeah understandable. (y)
  18. gl on making ur server
  19. you should start with something simple and when you get some players that will play on the server you can move on to mini games
  20. Hi! I think a Mini-Game server is a great idea! But... If you wan't to have a lot of players I do suggest be VERY unique

    Now the best plugins would be PAID CUSTOM.