would an ssd improve performance noticeably?

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  1. i'm currently running build 473 on the following system:

    xeon x3440 (quad-core, hyperthreaded, 2.66ghz)
    12gb ddr3-1600
    128gb crucial m4 ssd (os drive)
    500gb seagate 7200rpm (drive spigot is on)
    75/35 fiber
    windows 7 pro x64 sp1
    latest java 7 x64

    i'm already getting fantastic performance, but i'm just curious if running it off the ssd would gain me even more? as far as config tweaks, the only thing i've done is some slight adjustments to growth modifiers. other than that, i'm running stock spigot with no plugins for the time being. this is just a private server for some friends and i.

    why do i need more, you ask? i don't. i'm just a geek who likes to tweak. :)
  2. yes...

    ... next question.

    edit: yes it would improve performance. noticeably? probably not. with a handful of people on you're certainly not hitting any bottlenecks yet.
  3. columb


    Use ram disc (Google some tutorials for your Windows 7). It's even more better than SSD. It's gonna improve chunk loading speed.
  4. I agree with Matt. The answer is simply: Yes!

    you already have the ssd, just move it ..
  5. andrewkm

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    Yes SSD would improve it very much so; and yes there will be various noticeable improvements coming from the HD you have. If you can get two intel 520s in RAID-0 that would be even better :p

    I don't usually recommend ram disk though. (Unless you got a seriously nice backup system in place)
  6. how much is there in terms of reads/writes to the disk, though? if the server is constantly accessing the disk, i don't wanna move it to my ssd. it's my only ssd and it's my os drive.
  7. Minecraft writes a fair bit of stuff to disk, so it could potentially be bad for SSD's write cycles. This is mainly because if a chunk is loaded, things are happening on it, and so even if it is just some player running across it without editing, the entity data and crop growth/decay are all making modifications to the chunk, and needs to be re-written into the region file at fixed intervals.

    So contrary to what andrewkm said, I actually recommend setting up ramdisk. However, as he suggested, SERIOUS backup solution must be put in place. Something like off-site rsync at very regular interval, and then pulling backups back to local frequently is a good idea. The optimal setup I want to do is something like:

    RAM disk rsync to off-site location every 15 minutes.
    Off-site rsync to local every hour.
    On shutdown, auto rsync from RAM disk to off-site and local.
    On startup, auto rsync from local into RAM disk.

    This way you are only writing to disk once per hour (plus startup/shutdown) and someone else's server (as unresponsible as it sounds) is getting the heavy disk write/thrashing. Of course, this means you'll need to get an off-site solution with good connectivity.
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