Would this be enough for my server?

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  1. Hello,
    I recently saw that deluxenode.com has very cheap and maybe good servers. The server, which I would run there, would have like 50 plugins and between 20-30 players. Would the server with 8GB (see attachement) be enough? Or could I take maybe also one with lower GBs (6GBs etc.)?


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  2. That looks like a promising setup, I don't know if it will actually give you those resources; kinda feels like that's one of those hosts that puts a lot of accounts on a single server and sells the accounts for 1/4 server specs.
  3. Compared to other hosts we have 2x more cores than most competition per 64GB system memory and still beat in single threaded performance.
  4. You should be fine with 6GB, you can always upgrade to 8GB if needed. :)
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