Would this host well?

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  1. http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/kimsufi.xml

    All I will be using it for is
    - Apache
    - TS3
    - MySQL
    - Minecraft Server

    I'd be using Ubuntu server 12.04, I currently have a 4GB server from DotVPS, and I was wondering if this would be a decent server to get, the only thing I would be concerned about is the CPU, and if it'd run the server well.

  2. How many players are you planning on supporting? Just one server, or multiple on this hardware?
  3. My server is small, so 20 max, but usually 10. I have about 60-70 plugins in use, most are pretty small though, and it will only be running 1 server.
  4. I'd say about 100. You will be ok on RAM. But CPU and the HDDs that are in there will probably limit you.
  5. How would the HDDs limit me? Also would CPU kill it, or would it till run at 20 ticks, and what do you mean "about 100" xD
  6. HDDs are mechanical, they take time to search for a file and read it. With 100 players constantly loading chunks the hard drive will start to bog down, and it will take time for the HDD to load chunks, causing lag.
    Also running daily backups will lag the server, as its using your HDD. So your HDD has to cope with a demanding server, and a backup at the same time. Its just a complete lagfest.

    I ran about 100 on this box in a bungee config. I managed to get 140 on it with the view distance on 4 on 3 servers. CPU started to reach 100% at that point, again causing lag.

    You could do some tweaking to get more on. But thats about your average
  7. I am only looking to have 10 people on it at most, also I only run backups when there are no players online. I assume it would run fine with 10-20 people on it with view distance 9 or 10?
  8. That sounds completely reasonable to me.
  9. Okay thank you, I'll probably rent it in a few days and see how it goes :)
  10. I got it, and it performs excellently, much faster than my old VPS, for an i3 it packs quite a punch. Thanks everyone for your help :)
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