Would you be interested in a web-based quest designer plugin?

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  1. I've been working on a project for a few weeks now, not yet ready for showing off, but to the point where I'm pretty comfortable with it's direction and would like to get some community feedback of what server owners desire most.

    My plugin is a questing engine, where server owners are able to design very detailed and captivating quests using a web-based quest editor. It uses a node graph based approach, which allows the quests to be as detailed as you want them to be. You can post events and triggers, like spawning entities with custom settings, giving players quest items and tracking if the player looses them, or offering different dialogue depending on the time of day.

    I'd love your feedback on this idea while it's still in the oven, and what kinds of triggers, events, or features you want the most. Thank you very much, and have a wonderful day.
  2. If it's easier than setting up a config; then yes.
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  3. So, your idea is very good, I will probably use it (if it's not too expensive) but I really advise you to host yourself the web based editor
    Events that may be interesting :
    - right click on a mob (or a citizen (compatible with the plugin))
    - right click with a specific item on mob / citizen / block
    - pickup items
    - kill specific mob citizen (compatible with things like citizen and MythicsMobs)

    I think one of the most important things that the users want are cross-plugins compatibility
  4. Yes, it is designed to be as visual and as user-friendly as possible.

    I am planning on making the plugin for free and simply adding a donation link. There are already many decent quest plugins out there and competing with them for a few dollars will just hurt me more than anything. xD So yeah, it'll be free.

    Also, I will not be hosting anything; I couldn't afford dedicated servers even if I tried. The website will be hosted from the Minecraft server running the plugin. This is similar to plugins like Dynmap. However, the quest editor will have nearly zero overhead, as nearly all of the processing is done client-side. It simply generates quest files, sort of, and sends them back to the server, so no lag or any extra processing. In addition, the webserver could be enabled and disabled via command at any time.

    Cross-plugin compatibility is something I am definitely considering, yes.
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  5. I dont currently own a server, but I still vote yes YES YES!!

    I remember looking thru quest plugins, and they all come with extremely convoluted configs (not necessarily a bad thing) and the setup processes just seem very difficult.
    Having something like this sounds like a dream come true for the quest world.

    One suggestion I would have (if possible) would be a way for the user to extract the node as a file, that they could use to send to friends or others.
    ex: I create 10 different quests (nodes), which I could extract a specific one and send to my friend.
    Or someone could send me a node which I could load onto my server.

    If this got big, someone could create a website, which would host a bunch of premade nodes to download, you know, a mix and match type system.
  6. I think the idea of a web-based interface would be very beneficial to a number of people. Having visual interfaces outside of the game makes things so much more simple (think luckperms).

    Good luck on this project!
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  7. I'm glad to hear that! xD
    Yes, I'm planning to make quests, portions of quests, and collections of quests, exportable and importable for easy transfer. This should allow for high portability and testability. In addition, as these files are simply compressed config files, for the most part, they should be extremely tiny in size as well! Maybe a few Kb at most.

    While I'm considering hosting a web server for sharing these, I am undecided on how to approach that at this time. But, it is still on the table.

    Thank you very much! I know how mind-numbing it can be to dive through dozens of config files for hours to make a single quest. Hopefully, this should speed things up significantly. With higher ease of quest creation, it's also quite likely that we'll start to see a large number of high-quality quests arise on many servers!
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  8. If this plugin works out, I'm also considering the idea of moving the webserver idea into a separate plugin that would allow external plugins to attach to and host a central hub for full web-based admin console setup for server and plugin management. I have a ton of ideas for plugins which would be extremely useful to configure and monitor in a web-based environment. Maybe even a visual scripting engine for quickly sketching simple plugins onto your server. Or minigame creation, or even general admin/moderator utilities.
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  9. Looks like I will be hosting the server after all.

    Ran into some problems with user authentication, as the webserver was originally hosted from the Minecraft server. Mostly because you can't attach an SSL certificate to that for each user, authentication was impossible. And obviously, allowing players to fiddle with this kind of thing is usually pretty bad, lol.

    So as of now, I will be setting up a server for hosting the quest editor, and it will connect to your Minecraft servers as updates occur to synchronize everything. As databases are expensive, I don't plan on hosting backups or anything yet, but I will heavily consider implementing version control if the plugin proves promising and I possibly get a few donations for it. xD

    Anyway, last update. Here's the concept design for the quest editor so far:
    Now, I used material editing nodes here for testing purposes but just imagine this, but with more quest-like stuff. Think "Send Message" or "Show Title" or "Spawn Mob" or "Player Has Item" etc.
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  10. Well, seeing this thread is about 10 months since last reply and the author isnt seen in 40weeks+ My guess would be (sadly) no.
  11. Would need to agree SoulStriker