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Would you sign a contract binding you to a server until resignation?

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  1. As a server owner, I've run into some really bad situations that should have been handled legally. If you were a developer/server manager, would you be willing to sign a contract of exclusivity? Contract of exclusivity means that you may not work for others or give your services to other server owners while you are under a contract. I feel that it may prevent an example developer from giving a competitor server a copy of plugins that my server paid for. Especially if this server has turned into a legitimate, registered business, shouldn't the server, the custom made, rightfully paid for plugins and rights to it be protected legally? Looking for opinions.
  2. If the pay was good enough, yes.
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  3. Well I would say it all comes down to trust and ethics. If I make a plugin for someone and they ask me the not share it I will not share it unless they lose my trust or I see them unfit to deserve it be private. (y)
  4. An exclusivity contract in the way you just explained wouldnt get you anywhere, would just be a pain in the ass for the dev, and cause you to pay more (less sidegigs = higher baserate).

    Youre looking for the rights to the software. Youre better off making a contract based on the written lines of code than on the persons time. I personally dont redistribute any work unless the person that pays for it explicitly says it's ok. You can put such an agreement in writing and it'll be as binding as a contract, and better suited for your situation. This of course also can be done with distributing existing work on your system that they hage access to (plugin list). Also less expensive than your exclusivity contract.

    I am not a lawyer or anything though. So do your research yourself on the exact legal matter.
  5. Why don't people read the rules anymore!? Legal discussions aren't allowed.

    In terms of the non legal side of this topic, I don't redistribute anything anyway, that's just stupid and wrong, even if I am pissed off.
  6. You should always consider asking the person who is going to work with you to sign a contract (including NDA). Just ask your lawyer to draft a standard contract/NDA for your service.
  7. The host can't hold you hostage, even under contract. You should be able to resolve your matters as they happen - with a max of one month cancellation. Don't sign anything that makes you stick to a position, account, contract, etc. OBVIOUSLY

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