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    Hello there,
    I've got a simple questions, which is... Would you rather play on a server which is Prisons, factions, kitpvp, or any suggestions that you may have.

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  2. That's a hard question but I'd probably say.... Prison
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  3. Towny or factions.
  4. I like uniqueness in general.. I used to play survival, but I'd be more inclined to play minigames now; but maybe that is because I started developing.
  5. I feel like all of those types of servers are usually the same thing. I like uniqueness :)
  6. For one example of a unique server.. a few months ago I stumbled on an assasins-creed server, and had to check it out since I was a fan. I was completely surprised by how well done the server was.. the map was like straight out of AC1, and it had unique plugins to give it the feel of assasins creed - such as wall jumping parkour with buttons/tripwire hooks that shoot you up- a balanced leveling and a balanced currency system; both of which could give you unique items/perks, and were something to work for.

    Not to discourage classic-style survival/towny/faction servers that get a great community; but there are already hundreds of them, which is why those unique servers are what stick out to me.
  7. Every server nowadays seems to be KitPvP/Factions, which can be fun if done correctly. Out of the three, I'd say go for a well done, unique as possible prison setup.
  8. People nowadays online play on unique servers. If you server has nothing special, you can pay 10,000$ on advertising. But they won't come back. btw I used to love factions.
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    kitpvp (depending on your anticheat plugin... ;))
  10. Hunger games or factions
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  11. I'd rather post up on the court and ball hard, look into that.
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    This thread seems like it's all based on personal preference - not sure if you're try to determine what kind of server to open and/or start, but I think it might be better to look at statistics if that's the kind of thing you're considering.
  13. I love aspects of each of these server types. Factions is fun to kill people, but boring as hell after 30 minutes, prison is addictive but there's so many generic ones being setup it's becoming the new factions.

    My perfect idea of a gamemode would be Survival/Eco/RPG/Fallout.
  14. Factions mostly Hunger Games / Survival Games and ehm... RPG
    And ehm... KitPvP

    I love pvp ;3
  15. If you're looking to open a server nothing is better than factions. I say this because in order to have a KitPvP, hunger games, or even a towny server you need a player base. Factions is somthing that you can play with only 10 people on and it's the same experience (to a certain extent). Not to mention that there are more opportunities to donate to a factions server (ranks, items, perks, ect.) The thing with factions too is people need people in their faction in order to become powerful so they're going to invite their friends. Player base starts to increase then you can expand your server with minigames and other gamemodes. Hope this helped!
  16. Planetminecraft would actually be more accurate than asking a forum full of server owners, systems administrators, and developers.
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  17. Tried to make out some statistics using the top 10 sever list.

    My final conclusion is that minigame based servers, seem to have the most popularity.

    I would propose finding another developer, who would want to work with you, and together, try to make as many new minigames as you can think of.

    If you're looking for another developer to work with, I'm sure there would be a couple people interested. (*Me*)
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