wow, my add-on modules to a plugin got removed.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by vk2gpz, May 1, 2015.

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  1. I released two add-on modules to my (waiting to be approved) plugin called PlotAddOn. These modules contains add-on modules in a jar file, and server owners can just drop those jar files in the gamerules folder of PlotAddOn plugin to add extra functionalities to the Plot-based server.

    I've just received a message from a moderator saying

    "I deleted your two 'addons' for your resource which isn't approved yet. If it's not a bukkit/spigot plugin then it needs to be put in your resources description there or included in a zip archive with the resource."

    Looks like I'm not allowed to have a plugin, which allows other developers to develop and release module which can be integrated into my framework plugin (PlotAddOn).

    I'm curious why this is not allowed but all the skript developers are allowed to release their skript scripts, which are clearly not plugin by itself.
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  2. Looks like all Skript script developers need to ask Skript to include their scripts in Skript distribution according to this instruction.

    oh, wait how about those "libraries"?? they are also not in the form of plugins. If we're not allowed to upload resources, which are not in the form of a plugin, is there any other mechanism we can disseminate those non-plugin resources?
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  3. Imma just do this @Z750... I do agree with his point.
  4. I will politely ask you to calm down, however I do agree with this.
  5. don't worry, i'm very calm as there is not ripe on my pond (you know what I mean ;)). I was just very surprised when I received this message, and obviously I got very confused... and I still am. after realising there are so many resources which are not bukkit nor spigot plugins in the resource section.

    According to the statement from the staff member, I cannot post non-plugin on the resource section. That means the framework I made, although the core of the framework is indeed in the plugin form, has no place in the resource section since the entire point of me making this framework was to have more flexible deployment of software modules, each of which will not be distributed in a form of plugin but just .class files and other associated files (such as config file) in a jar file.

    I was contemplating applying the same framework structure to my TokenEnchant plugin so that others can develop their own custom enchant modules and deploy on their server in the same manner as PlotAddOn does. However, looks like I need to scrap that plan.
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    Is it too difficult to simply submit a new resource for each plugin? I see that's what you have done, which is respectable.
  7. each plugin??? There is only one plugin called PlotAddOn. This plugin has a folder called gamerules, where server owner can drop other gamerule modules, each of which will be independently developed and released in a form of .jar file. These modules are not plugin. Bukkit/Spigot will not pick them up as a plugin.

    So, there is no point in distributing each add-on module in a form of plugin...

    It is a flexible module deployment/execution framework implemented in PlotAddOn plugin.
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    I meant "plugin" in a loose sense.
  9. my question is... Do Skript's script developer package their Skript script in a separate Skript.jar file? I personally do not use Skript, i believe scrip developers just upload script file and not Skript plugin itself.
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    It's my personal opinion that Skript should have never been allowed in the resource section, but your logic makes a lot of sense when you put it into that context. See also the module authors who bundle Skript "addons" on top, making things largely full-circle.
  11. i'm now really confused. what do you mean by "submit a new resource for each plugin" ?? I though that's what I did and I got the message form a staff member indicating that's not bukkit/spigot plugin.
  12. one might say, "can we have a separate resource section for Skript", but then that will send a gesture of giving special treatment for one plugin (Skript), that I personally do not favour. However, I believe there should be some mechanism which allow different types of resource development and disseminate them to the community (free or premium).

    Asking module developer to bundler the original plugin into their distribution is not a good idea (again that's my own opinion) since you will not be able to have version consistency among those bundled plugins. It would be much more natural to let the core plugin to be disseminated as stand alone plugin, but allow other modules/add-ons to be distributed as a stand alone module/add-on. One thing I can think of that we need to be careful is not to let general audience confused with a plugin/a module/an add-on. The last thing you want is "Oh, I got this because I thought it's a plugin..."
  13. Yeah, I totally agree with your point. I've even seen plugins in the past that have been approved even though they were add-ons. I've also seen people post Skript plugins, not say they were Skript, people buy them, people get pissed.
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    I already un-deleted your resources and talked to you in a PM, and you continue to be rude about this and constantly argue like this is the end of the world for you. There's rules for specific things that aren't "plugins" and I deleted the resource before checking specifically what it was since there were reports that it wasn't a plugin. Some things that aren't "plugins" are deleted by staff, and yes, there's plenty of Skripts there that aren't deleted.

    I'm closing this thread as it doesn't need to be discussed, your resources are public and your premium one (which is the main thing you have) is still pending. If you have a question/issue PM one of the staff.
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