1.16.5 Writing a clean & simple configuration file

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  1. This isn't a thread about how to create a custom config file. If you're here to trying to find that, then go here. This thread is to ask for advice on how to create a clean and simple configuration file. I spend quite a few times trying to find a thread that can solve my issue about writing a simple config file, but I still haven't found it out tho. So, if you have any advice to help, please don't hesitate to share it here!

    Oops, I forgot to say that it is about config.yml and language (messages) file.

    Edit 2: I thought I have written enough information, but maybe I didn't. So what I want is to write (not create) a clean, not messy, easy-to-understand config file.
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  2. I just edited the message again... Please read that.
  3. I don't understand - why don't you just open your favorite text editor and go ahead, then?
  4. Already, bot. But I have no idea on how to make them less messy... So ask your author to make a new message then post it here!
  5. Maybe you could show on what you regard as messy, then we can think about what would be an easier syntax / etc.
  6. https://hastebin.com/exukusumom.less
    I think this is call as messy tho
  7. thanks guys, I really gotta find a way to structure those better
  8. these arent that necessary tho, thanks.