Spigot X-Ray Detector (Great for HCF Servers) 1.3.5

X-Ray plugin that alerts all staff members when it believes someone is x-raying!

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    X-Ray Detector (Great for HCF Servers) - X-Ray plugin that alerts all staff members when it believes someone is x-raying!

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  2. hey, this plugin is very good and i use it now on my survival server :) But can u add that when a player breaks over 5 blocks when u set 5 as limit in the config that when he is breaking another in an configurable time an new alert is showing up. examüle: player XXX found another block of XXX
  3. How would the config be set up?
  4. ores:
    amount: 20
    time: 5m
    amount: 10
    time: 5m
    amount: 6
    time: 5m
    amount: 1
    time: 5m

    # Prefix of alert message
    prefix: "&8[&9PCG&cSafety&8] "

    # This is the permission all players online with the permission node xraydetector.admin will receive
    alert-message: "&c%player% &7hat &c%amount% %ore% &7innerhalb von &c%time% &7gefunden!"

    # Header of the info message
    info-message-header: "&7-== &8%player% &7==-"

    # Displayed when a player types /xraydetector <player>. This will display all ores in
    # the config, showing the amount of blocks they've broken in the specified amount of time
    info-message: "&7%ore%: &c%amount% &7Blöcke in &c%time%."

    # Play a sound when you receive an alert of someone x-raying
    play-sound: false

    # alternative Alert message after the Player is finding more ores after the first alert message
    alert-message-2: "&c%player% now mined %amount% %ore% after the first Xray Warn "

    # how many minites after the first alert message should the second still be displayed?
    minutes after the first warn: 2m
  5. Alright, will look into doing this.
  6. Thanks, feel free to leave a review :)
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  7. It would be absolutely lovely if notices were also saved to the server log.
  8. true
  9. Theepwner


    Can you add checks to make sure the blocks are actually broken? (i.e. worldguard and factions protection).

    Would be a nice thing to add.
  10. Will this be updated to 1.11 (if it needs it)?
  11. this work on 1.11?
  12. I've put the plugin in and rebooted the server, but the plugin folder was not created. I have java 8 and spigot 1.10.2
  13. No
  14. @Signatured Hi. Would you find it appropiate to add a ranking of most suspected players of xray usage?
    Could you also add mysql support, and a database clearing command so the data doesn't go massive? :)