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  1. Hello Peapols,me need a help i got a problem witch x-ray texuters.I have big comunity 3000-5000 players and our team created a Anti-Cheat program must be started when player join to the server.
    My link of the my comunity: http://www.serb-craft.com/anticheat
    Our team of the progamers cant figure out how to stop x-ray texture pack.Because lot of players using it on survival,vanilla,brigdes.
    Thanks for listining.
  2. Your team could check e.g the SHA256/hashes of the texture pack. But this won't help.

    Better use an anticheat.
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    Anti-cheats don't stop x-ray.

    Spigot 1.8 has anti-xray in the spigot.yml or ViaVersion would allow you to re-enable the same feature for 1.9+ (it was removed from Spigot in 1.9).

    Better yet, use Orebfuscator. It is free, actively maintained and by far the superior option.
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  4. Spigot don't stop x-ray.
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    English not your first language I guess? Please re-read.
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  6. What you might be able to do is force the player to use a resource pack you set. If they don't accept it, you can kick them until they do. The only issue is that players cannot use their own texture pack, but then you can let players upload their resource packs to the server and let them share it among each other. If you choose to have several texture packs submitted by the players, I suggest using a resource like this: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/multiresources.5422/
  7. use Orebfuscator and you will stop the cheaters with x-ray
  8. If your staff is active you can use an ore inspector like Found Diamonds and have your staff watch players while mining in spec and use xray yourself. Its a bit esoteric but it works.
  9. Use spigot config, mode 2
  10. Maybe force a rescource pack when players join. Have you ever got that custom rescource pack message on other servers? I'm talking about that.
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    That would only help stop those using xray texture packs. Most xrayers (myself included) use mods that aren't dependent on that so a custom resource pack wouldn't do squat. I've even been able to cheat on some Orebfuscator servers due to slow loading times on crappy servers heh.
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  12. You can't protect the Server 100% against those stuff. Because if you would like to stop it you have to scan the textures of a pack and that doesn't work :/

    Emergenscene already said my way .... to stop it.